Frolicking Fae

By Terri Clement

Using The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud

October has brought a few really nice days here in the Pacific Northwest. This warm weather allowed me to bring in even more than I anticipated from my garden, which is always exciting. However, now the gray is settling in and it is supposed to start raining this week. THAT I am NOT looking forward to.  

Let’s see what the Fae have to offer for the month…


The first of the month you may find yourself exploring the darker side of your personality. This is a good time to examine where your fears are rooted. Not what you are afraid of, but what is the root cause. When we can figure out the underlying cause of our fears, it is often much easier to look at it logically and realize there really isn’t anything that we should be afraid of.  

This is also a good time to start taking the bricks down from the “wall” you have built around yourself. Let things go. Holding on too tightly can keep you from making forward progression. Forgive, forget and let some light into your heart.

After you’ve done your “work” from the beginning of the month, you find yourself shifting into a better place emotionally. Sit back and enjoy this time. You’ve worked hard and deserve to reap the rewards from doing so.  

Did you know that it takes the same amount of energy to think that something good is coming your way as it does fearing the worst?  Focus on the present and expect good things to come your way.

Towards the end of the month you might find yourself having to “rescue” someone. This is probably on the emotional level and not physical. Remember, as you are coming to this persons aid, that they too are learning life’s valuable lessons; please do not deny them of that.

This is also a time to practice unconditional love. Think of those close to you and how you love them, then expand that out to universe and send out that very same energy of unconditional love.


A good stone to carry for this month is Fluorite. It promotes spiritual and psychic development, truth, protection and can bring peace. It can assist in meditation and help one learn to go past the “chatter” that we tend to generate when meditating. It also promotes self-love.

As always, I hope you find that this message from the Fae helps guide you through the ups and downs of this month! Remember to say a special little thank you to our Fae Friends for the guidance, insight and entertainment!

See you again next month and keep the faith!

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