Inspiring Butterflies

Review by Terri Clement

Inspiring Butterflies: A 27-Day Course of Self Discovery by Marge Richards and Ginny Zaboronek

Published by Schiffer Publishing,

ISBN:  978-0-7643-3969-1

Retail $39.99

Are you looking to do some personal transforming? Are you interested in getting to know the real you, the one deep inside? If so, then the Inspiring Butterflies set might be just what you are looking for.

This inspirational set arrives in a sky blue colored box with a magnetic closure adorned with butterflies. The box has white ribbon pull tab and stays. The set includes 27 “Inspiring Butterflies” cards, a 128-page workbook, and a 48-page companion guide.

The Inspiring Butterflies deck features 27 beautifully painted butterflies. The colors are designed to work with the chakra system and each card depicts a certain chakra. The deck is designed to be used in order as you work through the 27 days, using the workbook or it can be used as an oracle deck with the companion guide. The cards have a butterfly and title on the face of the card and the meaning on the back. The cards measure 3 inches wide x 5 inches tall. The card faces have a narrow white border with the title of the card in a ¾ inch banner on the bottom of the card. The card backs are white with a faint image of a waterlily and two butterflies on the left side and the meaning of the card printed in the center. The meanings are written in a color that matches the butterfly on the front. 


The Reflections and Affirmations that are printed in the companion guide are also included in the workbook. The companion guide also offers meditations, a section for using the butterflies for healing physical ailments and information about color vibrations.

The workbook serves as your guide for the 27-Day course and is meant to be written in. The exercises and assignments for each day require approximately 30 minutes each day. The author advises you to do the reading and exercises in the morning and carry out the assignments during the day. 

The set is designed to help you take a deep look at your authentic self, bringing forward the best parts of you. The first 11 days you will be focused on physical and emotional needs, followed by 4 days of heart-centered exercises, and then on to the more spiritual aspects, ending on Day 27 with Inspiration.

Working through the course, be prepared for some interesting self-discoveries and watch for positive changes in attitude and beliefs. This could also be a very effective course to work through as a couple. You definitely would learn a lot about the other person as well as yourself.

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