Ghost Hunters' Tool Kit

Review by Terri Clement

Ghost Hunters' Tool Kit by Dinah Roseberry with photography by Stuart Schneider

Published by Schiffer Publishing,

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3912-7

Retail $34.99 USD

Ghosts, orbs, EVP’s, and things that go bump in the night… Are these the things that fascinate you?  Have you ever thought of investigating the paranormal or ghost hunting? Would you like to combine that with the wonderful world of Tarot?  

The Ghost Hunters’ Tool Kit by Dinah Roseberry might be just the thing for you! One might consider it a jumping off point for paranormal investigation or ghost hunting.  

The kit arrives in a magnetic closure box, with a white pull ribbon and stays. The cover of the box features an eerie yet hauntingly, beautiful cemetery photograph, along with images of multiple cards from the deck all photographed by Stuart Schneider. The kit consists of a set of dowsing rods, 4 decks (a Major Arcana, an Investigation deck, a Client deck and a Recruitment deck), and a 160-page companion book.

The cards are standard poker sized cards measuring 2 ½” wide x 3 ¼” tall, with well rounded corners. One side of each card features a photograph from a cemetery and the deck title (ie. Major Arcana or Client) written on the bottom of the card. There are no borders. The opposite side of the card has a vertical banner on the left side of the card that measures ¼” that also contains the deck label and are color coded:  Major Arcana = purple, Client = blue, Investigation = orange, and Recruitment = Rust. In the upper right corner you will find the number of the card and in the case of the Major Arcana, the name of the card. In the center of each, you will find a keyword. The keyword is the same in each deck, for example, card number 21 in each deck has the keyword Rebirth.  However, the interpretations are a bit different for each deck.  For example:



Card #21 – Major Arcana – Reincarnation, learning more lessons, circle of life.

Card #21 – Client – Spirit either known or attached to client.  Sad or uncomfortable.

Card #21 – Investigation – Reincarnating or residual haunting.

Card #21 – Recruitment – Been in another group? Ask the question. Still a good candidate.

The Major Arcana can be used on its own or combined with any of the other 3 decks, making the Majors “wild cards.”

The companion guide explains how effective an oracle can be while used during an ghost hunting activity, working with clients and how to interview and/or recruit people for your paranormal investigative team.

When working with the decks during field work, the author recommends a protection ritual for each time you use the cards whether during an investigation or simply brainstorming. She also recommends that the same team member perform the protection ritual each time. She also recommends that oracle sessions should be tape-recorded. There is a high chance of capturing EVP’s during the sessions.

The companion guide also contains a black and white image for each card, lists the number, title and/or keyword. A quick interpretation as listed on the card back as well as a longer, more in depth interpretation, and how to use each deck.

There are also 4 charts (one for each deck), that list the name of the cemetery in the photograph, the location of the cemetery, the name of the deck and the card number associated.

There is a small section that covers dowsing with pendulums and divining rods and another section of do’s and don’ts along with a section that covers other uses for the decks.

All in all, this is a fun kit that provides quite a bit of useful information regarding ghost hunting. This would make a nice gift for anyone who is into the paranormal and a nice addition for those who want to communicate with beings on the other side of the veil.

Happy Haunts!

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