The Witch's Oracle

Review by Terri Clement


The Witch's Oracle
By Marla Brooks and Aunia Kahn
Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4931-7
Retail U.S. $24.99
Released 2015

One does not need to be a Witch or Pagan to use The Witch's Oracle (nor will using the oracle turn you into a Witch or Pagan). This is a straightforward and easy to use oracle deck, that can be used as a stand alone deck or in combination with Tarot.

This 45 card deck and 112 page page guidebook set is housed in a small, but heavy duty box with a magnetic closure, purple pull tab and stays. The box is shrink wrapped in plastic and the deck is held together with a plastic sleeve.

Oh bother! This deck is covered with some sort of film making the deck sticky. Many of the cards had to be pulled apart. Fanning powder and a good rub down for each card should remedy this.

The Witch's Oracle is intended to be used in an upright orientation and the back is not reversible friendly. The card backs and borders are slightly textured that is reminiscent of old time velvet wallpaper and not to 

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mention kinda cool. The center of the card back has a black circle containing a red “W.” 

The cards measure in at 2 7/8” wide x 4 1/2” tall. The card face borders measure 1/4” on the sides and measure just shy of an inch on the bottom. The cards are unnumbered but the card title is written in white on the bottom border.

The images are simple, but very well done, witchy - pagan symbols done in a style that is similar to what one sees in a Lenormand or maybe even the Kipper.

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A medieval gargoyle bathed in a green glow sits ready to pounce.

He serves as a reminder to keep protection in place and to not let your guard down.

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Magickal Candles

Three silver tapered candles are lit and sit among roses and greenery.

With the message “Light a candle and make a wish...” This image tells us to focus on what we need and that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

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Against a purple star-lit sky, two ravens are perched on a gnarly branch. There are no leaves on the tree but there are small yellow flowers here and there.

The guidebook says to “Open your mind up to the world on the other side of the veil. The wisdom of the ancestors and those who have gone before is there for the taking, if you just take the time to listen to what they are saying. Let them know that they are not forgotten and embrace the knowledge they will offer. Just ask them a question and listen carefully for the answer – it will pop into your head.”

The guidebook has a brief introduction to oracles, how to clear, set intention for the deck, and how to charge the deck. It also contains a small blurb about whether to use a spread or not and two original, theme related spreads. The card section of the guidebook features a thumbnail sized full color image, a description of the symbol, a divinatory meaning, and an incantation.

The Witch's Oracle can easily be used by the beginner as well as advanced reader

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