Mystical Cats Tarot

Review by Diane Wilkes


Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone and Mickie Mueller

Published by Llewellyn Publishing,

ISBN:  978-0-7387-3388-3

Retail: U.S. $28.99

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I have often commented, in public and in print, on the amazing equivalence between Tarot readers and cat lovers. Scratch a Tarot reader, find a cat lover, so to speak. Not shockingly, there are practically a superfluity of cat-themed Tarot decks on the market—at least in the minds of those who do not, sadly, worship cats and of course, dogs—there are only three dog-themed Tarots of which I am aware.

Many Tarot/cat enthusiasts do not even pose the question: “Which one would be the best to buy?” The all-too-obvious answer is, “All of them.” But occasionally all the diamond collars and mounds of Purina add up and the hard-pressed Tarot reader wonders: Is there one “Cat Supreme Tarot”*?

There was not—until now.

Lunaea Weatherstone has structured her Tarot in a cat-centered way. The suits are separated into elemental clans. Fire represents cats that are bold, confident, and creative; Sea cats are emotional and psychic; members of the Sky clan are defensive, stealthy, and clever (Stars to the right) and Earth clan felines are comfort-loving and generous. The Majors are true to their archetypal nature and are traditionally named with some often-minutely different exceptions:

- no title specified

Traditional Titles

Mystical Cat Titles

The Fool

The Cat

The Magician

Cat Magic

The High Priestess

The Priestess

The Hierophant

The Priest



The Hanged Man

The Floating Cat



The Devil

Demon Cat


Good Kitty

It is not enough, though, to have a well-structured cat Tarot—and that is where Pagan artist Mickie Mueller comes in and raises the bar for all cat Tarots to come. Her cats are not just beautifully drawn, with a subtle but energetic palette. They have distinct and (of course) adorable personalities. In other words, they leap gracefully off the card and into your psyche, allowing you-as-reader to anthropomorphize to his or her heart’s content—and create layered, meaningful readings for yourself and/or querents.

devil cat

Despite the fetching nature of the art, like felines, this deck isn’t all sweetness and light. The Death card (to the left) shows the heartbreaking transition of when our cats leave us to go the next world. The image isn’t grisly, but it is a reminder of the relatively short life of our fur family members. And you wouldn’t want to mess around with Demon Cat (to the right) in this life…or the next. Most of the Sky cats face a rough life—like many ferals do. This realism only adds to the power of this deck to speak to us as multi-faceted humans—these qualities are universal and all-inclusive.

I am not suggesting you cast all other cat decks out into the cold (especially if they haven’t been spayed). Many other feline-themed decks are lovely contenders. If only the Kipling West Cat Tarot was a full 78 cards…If only the Cat’s Eye Tarot didn’t have that litter-box picture, if only the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot wasn’t a bit fussy…all three would be able to contest the Mystical Cats Clan in an even cat fight (though my money would be on the Mystical Cats).

sea tom

Some of the unnamed others (poor strays!) have their charms. But if you can only have one cat themed deck…this is the one to have. I doubt I will ever use another again. I have finally, after so many years, found “The Cat Tarot of which researchers dream, the perfect Cat Tarot, the Cat Tarot Supreme.”

* The expression “cat supreme” is derived from Ogden Nash’s poem, “Common Cold,” wherein he refers to the “Cold Supreme.”

** Honesty demands that I acknowledge that my very own Tyler Wilkes-Gemmill is the model on which the Sea Tom (to the left) is based. He is the feline quester of love. But cat nepotism didn’t change a whisker of this review. 

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