Four Card Prediction

By Patrice Walker

I used a four-card spread as you can see from the attached image. The first card represents Hilary Clinton, the second Donald Trump, the third a "Deciding Factor," and the fourth card underneath (which I drew from the bottom of the deck) an "unknown." I used the Spiral Tarot deck for this reading.

PrezElectionPredict 10-22-16 crpd

Scout's honor, I identified the card positions BEFORE laying the spread and was surprised at what came up.

1 - The Queen of Wands is a great card representing Hilary Clinton. She's a strong, confident leader who knows how to get the job done.

2 - The Devil ... well, what can I say? I guess this is how I see Donald Trump. No words needed.

The remaining two cards are problematic for me because they're reversed. I do find it interesting that Trump is surrounded by women (at least in the Spiral deck), and the revelations that have recently come up regarding alleged sexual harassment and assault may be what these cards represent.

3 - On the other hand, Trump hasn't released information on his income taxes, so this is what the Princess/Page of Pentacles reversed might be pointing to, especially since the Page often symbolizes messages, in this case, the information he's failed to provide. If he were to become President, the card could also be saying that he would mess up the economy. He claims to be such a great business person, but he's had many business bankruptcies and failures, and that wouldn't bode well for the country.

4 - 3 of Wands reversed has to do with a project that is delayed or having difficulties getting started. This could either represent problems with the election itself, or problems Clinton has as she begins her presidency. It's not going to be smooth sailing for her, especially with the Progressive wing of the party which will probably be on her back to push forward promises she made during the primaries.

My intuition tells me that Clinton is going to win, and perhaps even by a landslide. This spread doesn't really provide a definitive answer one way or the other, so we will just have to see. I'm banking on Clinton because no one wants to see the Devil become President.

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