My Prediction

By Allan Ritchie

The race to the White House has been as contentious this year as ever in recent memory. The entire world waits to see what is going to happen and who will take the leading role in the running of our great country. The time has come for me to see what I think is going to happen in the election. As stated this is purely for entertainment purposes and the chance to learn a little something. So it's with that attitude I am going to take it a step further and I am going to use a digital deck from my growing collection. I am a fan of The Fool's Dog set of tarot apps. (i use them on iOS.) I love the International Icon Tarot by Robin Ator so I have decided to use that deck from the digital app to perform my reading.

Scan 31

When you use a digital app there are often preprogrammed spreads. Looking those over I chose the Comparing Choices spread. It is an eight-card spread read in two four-card horizontal lines one on top of the other. It is essentially a past/present/near future/outcome spread. It sounded right and so I loaded it up. I choose Hillary Clinton as Choice One and then followed up with Donald Trump as Choice Two. Now I know that there are other candidates in the running but I think we all can assume that it will be one of the big two political party candidates that will win.

The cards shuffled and laid out I was ready to take a look at the reading.

First Positions.

Clinton: Queen of Pentacles. Good showing and nice confirmation with a bit of a significator to get us started. She is coming to this process from a position of practical power and influence. I like the Pentacles for her as the queen as she has some practical experience. I also see this as a bit of a woman of the home card. I know it might be a bit chauvinistic of me but I have a hard time separating her from her husband. She as a woman of power in very much a queen sense of the word.

Trump: The Tower. Okay kinda funny as he is known for his Tower. I also like this as a sign of drastic change. Potentially poor business dealings but also I always associate The Tower with strong Mars energy and the ego that goes along with it. It is clear to me that Trump as the ego that matches the cards.

Second Positions.

Clinton: Empress Reversed. Here is a clear signal that she is not looking to be for her role as the mother but looking to be an Empress in her own right. The work that it has taken to be able to separate her from the initial role that she played in American politics has been substantial and now that she is on her own standing. Still, I think that this would have made a more positive statement if the card had been upright. This is not looking great for her.

Trump: The Fool Reversed. There is a sense here that he is on a new track and not doing very well. The road to politics seems to be a bumpy one that his, pardon the pun, foolhardy plan to be elected does show some of his inexperience and not in a good way.

Third Positions.

Clinton: Death. Well that doesn’t look good does it. Sure it can mean change and I think regardless of the outcome of the election Clinton is in for a big change. This is, however, a hint I think that she is about to exit the political stage. If she wins then the change will produce a wide range of new and dramatic opportunities. If she loses I do not see what political move she has left. The loss of the election would put an effective end to her political career.

Trump: Lovers Reversed. I think that Trump may just get what he wants but find out in the end that he doesn’t like it very much. The old adage “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it” The Lovers Reversed for me in this position is not as negative as the Death card. As this stands for the Near Future I think this is Election Day.

Fourth Position.

Clinton. Three of Cups Reversed. The Party is over. I think that there is some hangover and emotional letdown but this seems to tell me that after the election there is more emotionally going on that politically with Hillary.

Trump. King of Wands. I think as the position that shows the further future that it shows him on the throne, in power, the king. This more than just about anything else in the reading seems to imply that he has the power at the end as compared to the final card for Hillary that she will not have the power.

The funny thing about the reading is what seems to be a flop. She starts on the throne and he ends up on the throne. The start of his reading is one of climatic power and change and her reading ends with a change and emotional struggle.

So based on this reading I would have to say that it looks like Donald Trump will win the election.  

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