Presidential Prediction

By Jen Pearson 

Scan 38

Card images from The Victorian Romantic Tarot (Gold) by Karen Mahoney and Alex Ukolov published by Magic Realist Press

This is something I normally wouldn't touch but for "fun" and as a challenging exercise, I decided to accept the prediction challenge. I used the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. I chose as significator cards Justice (11 for November) and the 4 of Wands (for the day of the election).

I didn't do a spread. Instead, I decided the Queen of Swords would be Clinton and the King of Pentacles would be Trump.

I incorporated the date in my shuffling as well with 11 overhand shuffles, a riffle shuffle and then to a count of 4 in an overhand shuffle. At that point, I just started laying out the cards from the top one by one. 
Whoever showed up first was the winner and I decided that the number of cards between the winner and the loser would be the percentage margin. 

Hillary turned up first (being the 19th card I pulled). Upright or reversed wasn't going to matter but the
Queen of Swords was upright. There were 19 cards between "Hillary" and "Donald." And the King of Pentacles was reversed. 19 cards are exactly 25% of the total I was using (with the two pulled out as significators). I think that's an awfully large margin for a presidential campaign but there it is. Since Hillary turned up after only 18 cards, I'll stick my neck out further and say that it is clear fairly early on the 8th that she will win.

I hope that bit of card chicanery tickles your fancy. It was an interesting challenge. Another interesting thing that occurred that I don't know what to make of but feel is significant is that all of the other kings were on Clinton's side of the draw, as well as the
Emperor. I'm wondering if they could represent major states or something. But since I didn't start with the intention of analyzing anything like that, I'll let it be.

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