A Piece of My Mind

By Jeanne Fiorini

In the usual scenario, there exists in my mind some idea of where the words are headed before I begin writing this column. Not so this month, it’s mid-November and the brain is a tabula rasa …not the best scenario for a person with a deadline!

So, rather than conjure up something which might result in forced and artificial words, I decided to ask the Tarot, “What should be the topic of December’s article?” I drew the Four of Wands.  ”Hmmm, that’s a pleasant and homey card. It’s got a celebratory feel to it, kind of nice for the holidays and a season of gatherings and celebrations. I suppose I could expound on that, but let’s see what happens if we wait a few days and ask the same question again.” This is a Friday.

I don’t know where this little exercise is going; it should be interesting to see what emerges. Note to self: you may not want to try this little game again. Let’s see how it works out, though, before passing any judgments.

It’s now Tuesday. The same question is posed to the cards: “What should be the topic of December’s article?” This time it’s the Page of Pentacles. “Begin again, begin again; don’t be afraid to begin again.” Like the rat-tat-tat of a snare drum in my head: “Begin again, begin again; don’t be afraid to begin again.”

OK, this may end up to be the worst article ever submitted. Maybe that “begin again” is telling me to start this whole article over from scratch. That thought makes me laugh out loud, yet I don’t really think that’s it. All this is going to fit together eventually, somehow. Let’s see what appears in another day or so.

It’s beginning to dawn on me that this little writing exercise is very much like what I’ve observed in client’s lives (as well as my own) of late: a feeling-one’s-way-around-in-the-dark sort of a deal. It’s an experience that is both anxiety-producing and exhilarating. Am I the only one who thinks life is going to look very different--not bad, just different--three months from now?

It feels as though we’ve been advised to turn on the inner gyroscope and tune in to the internal antenna. The idea is “Stay tuned...We’re trying to show you something.” Some of you out there may be wishing I’d show you the point of this article, but we’re going to wait and see how things unfold.

OK, Day Three of this experiment. Things had better start to fall into place with this or we WILL have to begin again. It’s a Sunday and, in the process of shuffling the cards to find the next piece of this puzzle, a couple of “leapers” shoot from the pile. (You know “leapers,” those cards that jump out from the deck screaming “Look at me, look at me!”) They are The Fool and the Queen of Wands.

Well, I’m liking the cumulative message here. Could it be that the Four of Wands, Page of Pentacles, The Fool, and the Queen of Wands are providing year-end kudos with an added shot of encouragement for the year to come? “Enjoy friends and family and all that you have manifested. Surround yourself with beauty and love. There will be new adventures that will expand your life and spark creativity in yourself and in others. The world needs your light….let it shine!” Yes indeedee, I’m liking this message.

But can I leave well enough alone? Intuition says that there is one more card to draw. Must wait a few more days to see it, however.

It’s now Friday, the last possible day to complete this article before the submission deadline. The one thing left to ask is “What is the final piece of information regarding this message? What might need to be conveyed to the ATA readers during the month of December 2009?” I’m wondering if I’m pushing the boundaries of my luck here, with so many pleasant cards having already appeared, are we cruising toward a harsh reality check?  

It is the Two of Cups. “Love your life. The Life Force loves you, and wants you to be happy. Let life love you. Love your life.” Love; support; harmony; connection; the fear of asking too much has been dashed.

“Ask and you shall receive.” “Do what you love and love what you do.” “Meet me half way.” “See and be seen.” Many sentences fly through my mind at the sight of the Two of Cups! But all feelings contained therein are comforting, validating, and kind. The other shoe did not drop; we were met with acceptance and love. So be it.

As 2009 draws to a close, may each of us experience the blessings of not only the Two of Cups, but all the cards that appeared in this ATA reading at year’s end: 

The comfort and support of friends and family;

An opportunity for renewal; 

A spirit of adventure; 

Joyful self-expression;

A peaceful and harmonious heart.

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