The Faery Wisdom Deck and Book Set

By Terri C.

The Faery Wisdom Deck and Book Set, illustrated by Amy Brown, text by Nancy Brown

Published by Land of Myth and Not, Inc.

ISBN:  0-9744612-3-7

It’s definitely is not too late to put this beautiful deck and book set under the tree for your favorite Faery fan this holiday season.  The set comes in a beautiful gift box and can be found at Amazon and several retail establishments.

The lovely Faery Oracle deck of sixty-four cards, along with a one hundred and thirty-six page instructional book, was a labor of love, completed by a mother-daughter team.  The set was published in 2005, but deserves another look by all Faery lovers.

The deck contains sixty-four cards, with images of Faeries, dragons, many other creatures of nature and myth.  Each card it bordered in a narrow, pale blue border with a small title on the bottom and the number of each card.  The card-backs feature a little Fae all in blue, sitting among some leaves.

The card titles and meanings are unique to this deck, some examples are:

The card “The Brat,” reminds you to be patient, to be gentle with self and others.  We are meant to use our power to embellish our lives in ways that demonstrate Spirits abundance. 

“Tattooed,” talks about placing labels on yourself or others.

The card “Caffeine Overload,” talks about dependence.  The book asks if you are dependent on others to get you started?  It reminds you to connect with your inners self.  It also reminds you that no one can take your Energy, that it is constantly replenishing.

“When Faeries Go Bad,” talks about surrendering.  When things go bad or things are not making sense, then book says to “let go.” just to name a few.  

The cards measure 4 ¾ inches tall by 3 ¼ inches wide.  They fit nicely in the hand.

The book contains information about how to begin a reading, care of the deck and a double card, Past, Present, Future layout.  Each card is given a keyword and then a detailed description.  You will also find a mantra and quote given for each card as well.

This is a fun deck to use for personal growth and exploration.  This deck and book set, can be used by both, beginner and professional readers.  It can be used in a spread or for daily one-card draws.

Amy Brown is one of the most talented and Faery artists, with her works being easily recognized.  Her work is now in many mediums, including books, figurines, ornaments, lunch boxes and temporary tattoos and these items carried in many retail stores.

Nancy Brown began readings cards and spiritual counseling professionally, in the early 1980’s.  She describes herself as a homebody and loves to spend time in the garden, quilting and writing.

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