Chrysalis Tarot

Review by Terri Clement


Art by Holly Sierra
Written by Toney Brooks
Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1-57281-689-3
ISBN-10: 1-57281-689-9
Retail U.S. $20
Released 2014

Definitely not the same old thing in a new package! Here you will find a band of whimsical fantasy beings and mythological characters that are set to carry you off to the otherworld of the Chrysalis Tarot.

This deck has beautifully detailed mystical images. You will find archetypes from many cultures including Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Pagan, Voodoo, and more. The overall feel is lighthearted and fairytale like.

The packaging is the standard tuck box with a 60 page little white book.

The cards measure 2 3/4” wide x 4 3/4” tall. The images are printed on a flexible card stock. The deck itself feels thick, those with smaller hands might need to adjust their shuffle style. There is a very light lamination. The deck fans brilliantly.

The card faces have an 1/8” border on the top, and sides. The bottom border is 3/4” and contains a banner with the card name. The card backs are reversible friendly an have mandala styled art in the center with 2 beautiful butterflies.

Most of the Major Arcana have been renamed but have both names on the bottom of the card.

The suits are titled Stones (Earth), Mirrors (Water), Spirals (Fire), and Scrolls (Air). You will notice a slight theme color scheme change in the art for each suit.

The Troupe (Courts) are subtitled Page, Knight, Queen, and King, however each member of the Troupe are also all are designed to represent real life people from the past, present, or future.

King of Stones      Queen of Stones      Knight of Stones      Page of Stones
The Minstrel         The Artiste              The Illusionist           The Acrobat

King of Mirrors      Queen of Mirrors      Knight of Mirrors      Page of Mirrors
The Sojourner      The Watcher            The Dreamer           The Healer

King of Spirals       Queen of Spirals       Knight of Spirals       Page of Spirals
The Companion     The Muse                The Corsair             The Mime

King of Scrolls       Queen of Scrolls       Knight of Scrolls       Page of Scrolls
The Poet              The Weaver             The Visionary          The Pilgrim

Justice is numbered VIII and Strength XI.

Scan 9

One of the first cards that pulls me in is Storyteller (IX The Hermit. Here is a woman wearing a winged headdress, with a crown of ferns, she is holding a glowing ball of light. There is a pair of orioles that symbolize her shapeshifting abilities. 

If she appears in your reading it's time to reflect, mediate, and seek quiet.

Scan 10

The Golden Flower (XIV Temperance)is a stunning mandala with a sunflower in the center that is surrounded by leaves, butterflies and multicolored fish. There are matching oranate jars in the upper right and lower left corners.

The little white book says that the Golden Flower means you are drawing nearer to conscious awareness.

Scan 11

The Muse (Queen of Spirals) shows a woman in a flowing medieval style gown, there is a fawn standing behind her. This tells us that she shares the gentle qualities of the deer. She inspires the courage that you need to make difficult choices.

The little white book contains a brief introduction to Tarot, then jumps right into the cards. For each card you will find the new name, the traditional name and attributes, along with a little bit about the symbolism and a short meaning. In the back you will find a five-card pentagram spread.

Overall, I am loving this deck and it will probably become one of my “go to” decks. I highly recommend it. It can be used by those just beginning all the way through the professional. I am anxiously awaiting the companion book that is coming out soon.

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