The Inner Wizard: Message Cards From Your Higher Self

Review by Terri Clement


The Inner Wizard
: Message Cards from Your Higher Self created by Orna Ben-Shoshan

Published by Kaballah Insights,

Retail U.S. $24.50

For those looking for a tool for path working or learning more from your higher self, The Inner Wizard deck from Kabbalah Insights might just be the order of the day. 

The Inner Wizard deck is 84 double-sided cards which make up 3 different sets, which consist of *84 personal daily support notes, *84 renewed choice proclamations (or Affirmations), and *(in the corners of the “note” side of the deck) Astrological aspects that relate to the situation. The deck is based on a collaborative deck created by Jacob Roth and Libby Ram and first published in Israel in 2003.

The cards are held in a lightweight, lift-off top, cardboard box that is pink and blue. The cards measure 3 1/8” x 3 1/8”. The cards are printed on a flexible card stock and have a shiny laminate. The deck is a bit thick so it is a bit of a challenge to riffle bridge shuffle.  The side with the Affirmation is pink that fades out to red, with the Affirmation written in the center. The opposite sides are printed with hues of oranges, purples, greens, reds or blues, with the note written in the center and the Astrological aspects in the 4 corners.

The deck provides insightful messages from representatives of your higher self. A few of these “note-lets” are signed by; the divine mother, God, your soul, your guardian angel, your cosmic mother, and your future self. After using this deck several days in a row for a personal one card draw, I found the messages to be spot on.


The Little White Book covers one side of an 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper. The cards themselves are very self explanatory. There are recommendations for a few ways to use the deck including drawing one card in the morning and one in the evening and paying attention to how the day evolves. A 3-card Past, Present Future type of a layout is also provided that will tell you about your current mood, where you are coming from, where you are heading, and the influences which are affecting your life.

The Inner Wizard deck would be great for those looking for personal growth and for those who want to make conscious changes in their life. It might also make an interesting addition to any waiting room. It could also be valuable for those who coach or counsel others.

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