April Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

We all might have the inclination to be April Fools as the month opens with an absolute firestorm of possibilities for outrageous acts of all kinds! For starters, fire starters that is, we have, count them-- 4 planets in Aries. The Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus are all in Aries with the Moon, in the New Moon Phase, joining the hot crew on April 3rd when militant Mars conjoins unpredictable, unconventional Uranus which unfortunately conjoins the nadir of the US chart. This is not great news for our economics or potential earthquakes in delicate areas such as the New Madrid fault line or some of the California hot spots. Be aware.

I don't want to frighten you, but as I said this April 3rd date is key and this could be a time when the Ring of Fire in the Pacific could become volatile. If you are on the West Coast this would be a good time to have your emergency plan in place. I have heard from a reliable source that Japan will have more quakes and tsunamis then which will impact the West Coast in a major way so stay tuned especially to your own intuition and keep your ear to the ground.

Emotional upheavals are likely but don't need to last too long so don't let a jagged moment fester when it can easily be released in a couple of hours. 

Because we will be feeling more impulsive and possibly a bit reckless or devil may care, we can also  be more accident prone. This is not a good time to make any major decisions for  so many reasons. Hopefully the global power brokers will not jump into any premature actions.

OK enough Astro-Speak for a moment and let me break it down. Jupiter expands everything that it touches and perhaps fortunately, it is also being opposed by Saturn which can create a feeling of push pull and a major resistance to one's big ideas and forward motion. 

All that being said, there probably is no restraining the fiery crew of the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus for long once they get going and these energies are highly flammable and liable to cut loose anything that isn't tied down. 

Many of us have been under so much pressure these past months not to mention the global picture. I think it is wise to expect that some of the revolutions taking place around the world will be very stimulated by these aspects and will explode into more open conflict by those who are fighting for their liberation.

Personally, this can also be happening for each of us as individuals so we must try to be more forgiving and patient with ourselves and others as we fumble our way towards enlightenment and liberation. 

The occult axiom, "As Above So Below" is manifest here.  Neptune entering Pisces on the 5th will expand that momentum even further. More about that watery energy later.

One must not forget that during this time, until the 24th of April, Mercury will still be retrograde which means that reversals are likely. In other words if a relationship, be it personal or global is at peace, it can just as easily slip into a space of disharmony or even war. Do overs are likely to pop up and be needed before clarity can emerge. 

Clarity? Flash, are you kidding? The view might be lovely and all draped in a lavender fog but clarity is not likely with this planet known for blurring the edges and flooding boundaries. Neptune will enter it's own sign Pisces on April 5 and resume its cozy relationship with Chiron which also moved into Pisces some weeks ago. Let me remind you that the last time that Neptune entered Pisces, we had the BP oil spill. I don't think that history will necessarily repeat itself but rather I believe that we will see the true result and the tragedy that was unleashed on our oceans. 

Having the planet that rules the waters in its own sign is likely to create big floods, maybe another tsunami and water issues of every kind. Perhaps we will also see the use of hydro power to reduce our need for oil and fossil fuels. During these years, if we do not take an active role to keep our waters clear and free of corporate take over, we will all face a much harsher world. Water is already being hijacked and pilfered in this and third world countries so it is time for us all to become more aware and take a stand for our most basic form of sustenance. 

I have stepped off of my soapbox because the waters are rising as I speak! Seriously though, Neptune in Pisces has a beautiful and harmonious side as well. I believe that the potential for spiritual elevation and global harmony is also possible and that potential can include an evolution of a global spirituality that embraces all and excludes none. This energy will be a wonderful backdrop for this year's Wise Woman's Festival, April 8-10  near Gainesville FL. 

The Full Moon in Libra on the 17th should soften things a bit and create a more hospitable climate for Peace. In addition, Saturn will be holding Mars' energy in check for a day or two. This could lead to some very frustrated energy but hell, it only lasts a couple of days. 

The thing about Astrology is that by knowing these key dates, we can avoid letting a rough day or two become our whole view of the world.

Wild relationship energy is apt to be buzzing through on the 22nd when Uranus conjoins Venus. If you meet someone, it is likely to be spontaneous and hot but not necessarily solid perhaps with someone unconventional or the relationship itself could be a bit unusual. The Moon and Pluto will conjoin on that same day making this energy much deeper and intense.

Finally Mercury goes direct on the 24th and everything can move forward again. 

April 30th is May Eve and is celebrated globally by pagans as a time of passion and the bursting forth of nature. This year's holiday will be a hot time  around the  Beltane fires as Mercury and the Moon will be conjunct in Aries as will Mars and Jupiter. Love and passion will be bursting forth for sure so if you are desirous of companionship don't miss this evening's promise of pleasure.

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