Book Review: Invitation to Wonder

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By Terri C.

Invitation to Wonder, by Jeanne Fiorini

ISBN: 0-9720797-1-8

Invitation to Wonder is not designed to be a Tarot manual or tutorial, but rather a compilation of case studies.  The reader is meant to feel that they are sitting next to a Tarot reader who is conducting professional readings.  It is a one of a kind book, as it truly gives someone new to Tarot the feeling of sitting alongside a mentor and reaffirms knowledge for the seasoned Tarot enthusiast.  

Here is where magic meets reality.  Throughout the book we are looking at the symbols and tapping into that which we already know instead of relying on book or memorized meanings.  The book lightly touches on Jung, Archetypes, Quantum Physics, Intuition and a bit of Numerology.  

The Introduction to Case Studies chapter uses the Celtic Cross spread and goes through each position with interpretation.  Not only does Jeanne take us on a position by position reading, but also discusses how the positions and cards relate to one another.  This comes across very clearly and concisely.

The case studies presented in the book are actual readings that Jeanne did with real clients.  The subjects of these Case Studies include:  Relationships, Work, Personal Growth, Puns, Babies and Miracles.

In the Relationship case studies, Jeanne shows the reader how to use anywhere from one card to a handful to gain further information and to go deeper into the dynamics of the relationships that she is looking at.  By doing so, she is able to give her sitter a quite in depth reading and insight into the relationship being discussed.

In the Work Issues case studies, a variety of different scenarios are presented including a reading for fourteen year old girl.  In this case, a positive outcome is indicated by the Nine and Ten of Swords.

There are also several very important tidbits of advice from Jeanne, through-out the book, based on her career as a professional reader.  These will prove very helpful for anyone who chooses to take that step into reading for others, whether as a hobby or as a profession.  Paraphrased, one of those tips is that we as readers, should not be concerned about making our sitters happy, but rather delivering the message with compassion.

The Babies case studies, take us from conception, to birth and beyond, into relationships, with adult children.  Again, looking at cards individually as well as how they relate to one another.

The Miracles case studies take us on an amazing ride through magical things happening in every day life.  This chapter reminds us that sometimes we need to be willing to go where the sitter wants to go.  …and that sometimes that’s where the magic lies.

Invitation to Wonder is very easy to read and the interpretations are easy to understand.  Jeanne has a wonderful way of expressing herself in writing and through her readings.  You can tell that she truly loves helping others, using the Tarot.  Highly recommend for every Tarot library.

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