May Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

The Beltane Fires burn reminding us of our passion which is not to be denied on any level. I can almost feel the energies seething with anticipation as the month begins on the tail of a late April Scorpio Full Moon. Intensity was the name of that tune however, the lingering  

Mercury Retrograde that is keeping most energies squarely on the pause button can make most of us feel kind of irritated especially with Mars in a wide square to the Sun in Taurus.

Again, if you have any major moves to make be they personal or professional, it would be much better to wait until after May12 when Mercury is moving forward because this way you will only have to do it once and you will have a chance at permanence if you want it. 

Everything wants to burst forth yet its mostly happening underground with seismic activities causing rip roaring breaks all around the world.

The occult axiom, "As Above, So Below" is very important to remember. Basically, that means what happens in the Stars, or the Heavens  is happening on Earth and vice versa. There is so much unrest on so many levels and it is not your imagination when you start feeling that way and see it manifesting all around you, it is global and not terribly personal.

Imagine, if you will, the crush as a new shoot pushes against the earth as it breaks through to become a flower. This is not a peaceful moment and that is the energy as May begins to bust forth in all its floral glory!

On the last day of April we will see the last of that exact Saturn / Uranus Opposition which has been slamming the political scene and other things since Election day. Under this aspect we saw Obama break into the  Old White Boys Club as the Uranian agent for Change. The aspect hit again on Inauguration Day where we once again saw the nation rise up to Celebrate the New Deal. Now with this last pass of the aspect, Obama is the Old Guard, so to speak, and a Right Wing rebellion is fomenting as the new agents for change.

Used to be when you talked about radicals you were talking about lefties but the wingnuts of the right are now taking to the streets in numbers and so its  the same places but a very different story.

On May 22 Saturn and Jupiter will oppose ewach other and that should be a very hairy econimic day. Is it inflation or depression, do we spend or save?

These are turbulent times and this see saw energy where someone is always needing to upset the apple cart is just a sign of the times and rebellion is the name of the game. Even though the aspect between Saturn, the past and the establishment is still opposing Uranus, the future, and rebellion the effect will weaken some til Uranus moves into Aries. 

By May 27, Uranus, which has been floating around in Mutable Pisces will slam into Aries like a battering ram and anything that hasn't been challenged will be due for an overhaul over the next dozen or so years. This should be a memorable shift to be sure.

People say they want change but most don't really mean it all that much and we will have CHANGE for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We will really all need to become way more flexible and intuitive to navigate the white water.

While we are on the topic of Water, Chiron the Asteroid and Planet of the Wounded Healer will splash into Pisces which is likely to make issues about water, what we do and don't do with it and to it should be in the news and of prime concern.

All and all, the Merry Month of May may want to be called the Outrageous Month of May by the time we are done this time. I feel quite certain that Don't Ask Don't Tell is likely to be revoked by the end of this month!!

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