Soothsayer's Corner:  Let's Talk About Colors and Their Meanings Part 1

By Leean Lester

It’s May , happy Beltane to some  and is the time for lots of colors in flowers and plants everywhere. So I thought that we would take a look at what colors mean and the different ways that its represented and used.

First let’s look at what the meaning of the basic colors are. The standard meanings for the basic colors are as follows :

Basic color information

Red  = courage , energy , love , creativity , protection

Orange = health , joy , positive energy

Yellow = success , understanding , friendship

Green = abundance , hope , luck , prosperity

Blue = faith , forgiveness , peace

Cobalt = strength , self control , stability

Violet = angelic requests , intuition , spirituality

Black = protection , transformation

White = receptive , self-control , resilience

Clear = clarity of mind , clear thinking , reconciliation

Apple Green = emotional healing , protection

Silver blue = deep wisdom , the moon

Light red = self-love , friendship

Gold = solar deities , god , riches

Silver = remove negativity , encourage stability , psychic protection , goddess

Pink = love , honor , friendship

Brown = animal magic , earth awareness

Now let’s see where else color can be used for and what it might mean in those areas. Moving on to the Chakras we see that each of the 7 main chakra areas are represented by a color as well as a stone.

Chakras & colors

7 th crown = violet          stone ~ amethyst , sugilite , diamond

6 th brow / 3rd eye = indigo , blue                   stone ~  lapis , azurite

5 th throat = sky blue          stone ~ aquamarine , turquoise

4 th heart = green / pink              stone ~ rose quartz , emeral , jade

3 rd solar plexus =   yellow            stone ~ malachite , citriine, amber

2 nd sacral / spleen  = orange                             stone ~ tiger’s eye

1 st root  =  red                    stone ~ black obsidian , bloodstone

Colors have been used in lots of different ways. For example in assisting with working on the different charkas. Each color can be used to help by doing healing or other type of work as needed for that chakra. The colors have also been used by itself since each color represents an area of one kind or other. For example – you might wear yellow clothing to give you comfort when doing some travel or wear red to show sexual passion.

The use of  colors have been seen in areas of spirituality like in pagan or wiccan traditions as well as other religious areas. In cultures the white represents holiness and purity. While in some traditions the color black could represent negativity or black magick. If we take a closer look at this area we can see that for example in the pagan/wiccan tradition, colors are used in candle magick. The use of colors in candles has been done for centuries and some still use it to this day. The basic meanings of the colors are applied in this area.

Next week, more about chakras and food, colors and energy wave patterns/shapes, roles of colors and the use of colors with Tarot cards. 

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