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Maypole Candle
By Terri Clement

For those that love to play with color and would like to create their own mini Maypole.

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This looked like a really fun craft idea, I will be honest, this one will take some practice for it to really look great, which I believe it can. What you are seeing here is my first attempt at this project. Admittedly, I rushed this one. The next one I do I will be taking my time and letting everything dry in between.

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Here is a list of what you will need:

A white candle
Glass medium
Water-based acrylic paint
One wide paint brush or sponge brush
One paint brush with a small circular wood end

Painters pallet – I use a paper plate when I paint

A paper towel

Step 1

Place a small amount of glass medium on your pallet. Using the wide brush or sponge cover the space on the candle that you plan on painting. This should feel a bit sticky. Allow to dry. Wash brush out with water.

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Step 2
Using the wood end of your smaller brush, dip it into your color choice. Roll the candle across the lip of the paper plate while painting (dabbing) the color onto the candle. Clean the end of the paint brush with a paper towel. Allow to dry.

Then with your next color, go the opposite direction. Create an over/under pattern as you work your way around the candle.

Step 3
When everything is dry. Go over the candle with the Sealant using the wide brush. Wash brush out throughly with water.

Note: My candle will be for decoration purposes only, so I will not be burning mine. I did do some research about burning painted candles and it is thought that water-based paint is the safest to use, but it still might release toxins into your home. So please educate yourself if you want to burn this decoration. You might choose to paint a jar and put a candle in it. If you want to go that route, you can still follow this same steps listed above.

Warning: Burn candles within site. Never burn on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep away from children. Burn in a holder in upright position and at least 3” apart.

If you try this one, I would LOVE to see your finished product! Please send a pic via the Disqus Comment page OR send me an email at

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