Tarot Journaling

A to Z Journal
By Tabitha Chamberlain

You're going to need one extra thing for this month's Journal exercise, go grab a dictionary. Yes, you seen that right a dictionary. There's 31 days in the month of May, leaving us five extra days but we will get back to that.

What are we doing with a dictionary and a tarot journal? What we're going to be doing is a bit of bibliomancy, the use of a book for divination and combining it with tarot or oracle.

Each day pick a letter to start your search with. Open up the dictionary to the associated letter. Block off that section of the book, with your eyes close point to a word. If you land on the meaning, see what word it is. If it is a word that you're unfamiliar with or can't find anything to relate with. Try a thesaurus first. If still not relating to the word, pick a different word, but ONLY as a last resort.

For those that don't have a physical dictionary you can always use an online source. Also has a thesaurus linked to it making it easier.

You could use any book that you would like, say the Lord of the Rings or maybe the Game Guide to Zelda. Just keep in mind that it's going to make it a bit harder to relate your word to your card.

You can also simply pick the words you like, I have a personal fondness to the word "Personage." You can pick a letter/word each day, or you can do a list in the beginning of the month and work that way. Do what do what you're comfortable with.

Now throw your card for the day, oracle or tarot. Not thinking dice would work, but I Ching and Runes would probably be okay with this.

Taking the word for the day and the card of the day, work these two things together. Does the word relate to the card in some way? Say my word of "Personage" and I pulled the Queen of Cups. There is a person in my card, telling me that "personage" while fun to say is kinda rude to actually call a person.

Or maybe both word and card plays into your day. Say for the Letter A you picked "Apple" but you drew the drew the 4 of Swords for your card. While these both seem unrelated and hard to figure out how they work together until you look at your day and realized that you decided to skip that Apple Danish at lunch because you were feeling too lazy to work it off after work.

This is to help you take things that seem totally unrelated and work them together to make sense. Sometimes it is the simplest of connections that plays apart. Other time it takes us spending time thinking about it that leads us to a clue.

Have fun!

Link to online Dictionary, http://www.dictionary.com/list/0/1

Link to online Thesaurus, http://www.thesaurus.com/

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