Frolicking Fae

To Receive a General Message from the Fae Daily

By Terri C.

Using the Oracle of Shadows and Light by Lucy Cavendish.

As I sit to write this, the garden has been planted and blessings have been said.  I am anxiously waiting for a few more seedlings to spring from the soil.  We expanded the garden triple-fold this year.  That was quite the project but worth it!  I am excited about planting pumpkins next week.  I’ve never grown them before-- it should be great fun!  If you have a garden this year, you can ask the Fae to bless it for you.  Don’t forget to include the masters of the soil, the Gnomes.

Let’s see what the Fae have to say about the upcoming month…  The first part of the month may start out a bit rough and you could find yourself on the grumpy side of things.  Try not to take this out on those around you.  Remember, they are carrying their own burdens, too.  Let yourself have your pity party, but put a time limit on it.  Then, do what ever it takes to turn your attitude around.  If you need to, write it all out, burn it, then let it go.  Get some exercise.  Go for a walk.  Skip rocks on a pond.  Talk to the Fae, they actually can be quite good listeners.

Once you work your attitude out, you will find yourself with a wonderful idea or an “ah-ha” moment.  This is a new project of some sort that will carry on through out the summer months.  Don’t get too caught up on the details though, whatever this is for you, it should flow quite smoothly without having to put too much effort into thinking about it.  Do like Nike says and “Just Do It!”

Toward the middle of the month you might start noticing a pattern of "annoyances" coming in threes.  Keep yourself calm and you should get through this with relative ease.  This is also a good time to remember “What goes around, comes around.”  There will be some sort of Karmic payback for what is happening.

The end of the month brings us out of the cycle of threes, for awhile anyway.  This will be a time of finding solutions to the challenges that you’ve been facing.  You will be able to see clearly and your answers will come quickly.

The entire month will be good for your readings, for those of you who divine.  Messages will come quickly and your accuracy level should be quite high.  Take advantage of this and maybe offer to read for others, especially if you typically only read for yourself.

June2011Frolicking Fae

A nice stone to carry or place on your alter this month is Orange Calcite.

This stone is an energizing and cleansing stone.  It works well with the lower chakras.  It balances emotions, removes fear, and eases depression.  It will help dissolve problems and help you find solutions.

As always, I hope you find that this message from the Fae helps guide you through the ups and downs of this month!  Remember to say a special little thank you to our Fae Friends for their guidance, insight and entertainment!

See you again next month and keep the faith!

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