Wake Unto Me

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By Terri C.

Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach

Published by Speak (The Penguin Group)

ISBN: 978-0-14-241436-1

With the combination of Tarot, French castles perched on cliffs, the Oregon coast, young love and secret societies one may not be able to resist popping open the cover of this 304-page paperback written by Lisa Cach.  Be forewarned, once you dive in, you might find it difficult to put down.

Wake Unto Me is the story of an artistic, albeit a bit gothy, high school-aged young woman, Caitlyn Monahan.  Her birth mother had been tragically killed in a car crash when Caitlyn was only four years old but unexplainably had tucked the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card under Caitlyn’s pillow that day.

Caitlyn did not feel that she fit in with her local high school in rural Oregon.  Books and art would become her form of escapism.   Her nights were often filled with dreams, so lifelike that she had trouble determining if they were real or not.  Other dreams would be so terrifying that she would wake up screaming.

Unaware of the prophecy of “The Dark One,” left behind by a great-grandmother of The Sisterhood, Caitlyn secretly applies to and accepts a full scholarship to The Fortune School, at Chateau De La Fortune in France.

While Caitlyn’s journey takes her from the relative comfort of her home, across the globe, the plot thickens, a romance ensues that crosses between dream and reality.  Unbeknownst to Caitlyn, The Sisterhood is secretly watching her closely to determine if the prophesy would finally ring true.

The story pulls you in immediately and progresses quite rapidly.  The characters are quite relatable.  Wake Unto Me is an easy read, as it is very well written and is recommended for ages 12 (7th grade) and up.  The details are well researched  and are documented in the back of the book.  Those who enjoy the Twilight series and/or The Hunger Games will also enjoy Wake Unto Me.

Wake Unto Me did leave me wanting to know more about The Sisterhood and Caitlyn’s future.  It definitely left me hoping for a sequel or even a prequel.

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