June Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

Hold on to your hats and anything that isn't tied down because we are ramping up energetically for a faster and more streamlined movement towards change. This is neither positive or negative but it means that whatever is cooking can turn into a gorgeous meal or scorched mess more easily than before.

We begin the month with a Solar Eclipse and New Moon on June 1 in the air sign of Gemini. This in some ways will lighten things up some and open new channels of communication and ways of sharing energy and information. Because Gemini is such a mutable and mercurial sign, we may feel less stable as the thoughts and issues personally and globally can change at the drop of a hat!

Saturn, the planet that we often experience as roadblocks to our efforts or at least a wet blanket to our desires, comes to our aid with a stabilizing trine at 10 Libra to the ever fluctuating energy of the Eclipse in 10 degrees of Gemini. If you have planets near these points within a few degrees, this transit will affect you more profoundly.  Its nice when you can see some inner cooperation between the planets to help soften the blows of the challenges and smooth the way for the benefits, this however does not always  happen so we can rejoice when it does.

I personally can't wait til June 2nd when Uranus moves to 4 degrees Aries after dogging me at 3 degrees for what seems to be an eternity. With many planets going or being in Taurus this month that will also help stabilize things a bit. I have been predicting a bit of an upsurge economically including lower gas prices and that should be a boost all the way around. 

Economics will be a very big deal on every one's mind for one reason or another. Jupiter's entry into Taurus on the 4th should help a lot to make this a more prosperous time so get out your green candles everyone with some sweet cinnamon oil and you can enhance its effect.

I suspect with Gemini's attraction to gossip and at least telling stories, we will be hearing even more about the folks [mostly men], who forget that they are NOT ABOVE THE LAW and that karma can be a real bitch. At times when it seems like the bad guys are always getting away with everything from polluting are air earth and water and setting fire to what ever is left, its kind of heartwarming to see some of those patriarchs getting their comeuppance.

With Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn being in Libra, Justice will prevail in these matter especially where secrecy and greed are concerned and there is plenty of that to go around. If one views the world on a strictly material plane, it may seem as though these "dark forces" are winning but with Neptune's entry into Pisces, its own sign, some of the highest spiritual elevation will be possible when more and more of us see the need for ONE - NESS and having the sense that what effects one effects all in this hologram that we call Earth.

Neptune can and will bring many water issues including floods, and pollution due to chemicals and oil but it is also the great dis solver and  this allows the boundaries between us to become more pliable so that we can actualize the healing of the planet through the elevation of the over all vibration.

The Powers that Have Been count on our compliance and  fear and we can and  must make the choice not to be robots and cogs even if in no other way but in our minds as this will spur us on to right action when choices need to be made. Here I go again channeling Uranus in Aries. I can't help it it has been over stimulating my chart for months!

With the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 15th we can feel very stirred up and we are likely to hear some major saber rattling abroad as one or another religious war heats up. The Lunar Eclipse tends to wake up all of the darker hidden emotions that we mostly prefer not to engage. 

With trickster Mercury near this opposition between the Sun and the Moon, there is a good opportunity for falsehoods to appear as truths and vice versa; so don't be too quick to make a decision at this time that you may regret when more light is offered. Hopefully the world of Politrix will not be fooled again either.

Philosophical, religious and political differences may well become blown all out of proportion and eclipses are famous for activating war like behavior. With some patient negotiating these sparks can disappear as quickly as they erupted.

Truly most of us would much rather make love not war and the stellium in Taurus should offer plenty of that sensuous energy  for those so inclined. Venus will be in sexy Taurus til the 8th but Mars and Jupiter will be stirring up the sheets with Taurian earthiness for a while longer so take out your satin sheets, chocolates and Sade and you will be good to go and don't forget some  red and pink candles too just to get the fire going!

Mercury trines Neptune on the 16th while Venus trines Saturn on the 17th both bringer a more unifying gentle energy to all and we really need that as it can bring those good energies that are so needed to help us gather our forces to manifest higher consciousness and actions that are more earth, animal and people friendly.

One of my favorite Holy Days is Summer Solstice and we will certainly celebrate here at Moonhaven Tues. June 21. [see celebration info below] This should be a deeply spiritual Solstice with the Sun and Neptune exactly trine and the Pisces Moon joining the three for a Grand Water Trine. For a water baby like me this sounds absolutely heavenly however, with all that water, we could have a problem on the material side of things with massive floods and inundations so if you live near the water be mindful and on a spiritual level be prepared to take full advantage of the cosmic bliss wave to launch your best dreams.

Could be some rumblings around the 26th of the month and from Solstice on I would keep my ear to the ground regarding floods and earthquakes in sensitive areas so please trust your intuition,good weather reports, and people who are speaking truth to power about H.A.R.P, weather wars, and Earth Changes which in case you haven't noticed, are here NOW!

The more we gather with like minded others to RAISE THE VIBE FOR THE TRIBE through meditation, music, chanting, gardening,singing.......... and all the myriad ways that we know to elevate our vibration we will be creating our best medicine.

We have Power Here and we can all chose to use it.

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