30 Days of Meditation: Fun Techniques for Beginners

Review by Tabitha Chamberlain


30 Days of Meditation: Fun Techniques for Beginners by Inbar Shahar

ISBN: 978-1493659111

I will admit that I don’t meditate, I have never managed to get the hang of it or feel completely comfortable with it. So when I saw this book I thought that maybe I should give it a try. 

30 Days of Meditation is available both in eBook or printed copy. It's roughly 84 pages long. This book is great for those that are just starting out or wanting to learn how to start meditating. There is some interesting ideas for those who have already started to learn about meditation, but want some alternate ideas to add to their practices. 

30 Days of Meditation is divided into four weeks, each week the length of the meditation is increased. The first week is spent learning the basics of meditation. The length of meditation for this week is two 3 minute sessions. 

In the second week, the time increases to ten minutes and it includes chakra meditations. Not to worry, this gives the reader some basic information to help them to get more familiar with the chakras: the traditional names, color and body association as well, and the elemental/spiritual ones. 

By the third week, the length is 15 minutes long and focuses on mantra, using some traditional Hindu phrases as well as my favorite of idea of using song lyrics as a mantra. 

For the fourth week, the suggested length for meditation is 20 minutes, which can be broken into two ten minutes sessions if need be. This fourth week covers some creative, out of the box thinking.

Each week is broken down into seven days. The reader is to read that day’s activities which contains: mindful activity, inspirational quote, how long the meditation is to last, and a description of how to meditate on that given day.

This is an excellent starter guide to meditation. Some of the suggestions seem silly when you first read them, but it’s mostly to remind you not to take yourself too seriously. The author offers some YouTube videos to go with this book, but she does charge for them. 

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