Dream Raven Tarot

Review by Terri Clement


Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen

Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., www.schifferbooks.com

ISBN: 9780764343162

Retail U.S.:  $39.99

Though ravens have been known to carry messages these are definitely not the traditional black Raven. Instead, the Dream Raven Tarot features an array of colorful birds bringing us messages from the sub-conscious while still maintaining much of the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition.

The 78-card Tarot deck and 128-page paperback companion book come in a heavy duty flip open box with magnetic closure, white ribbon pull tab and white ribbon stays. The box is shrink wrapped and the deck is held together by a plastic sleeve.


Thick card stock and large size, measuring in at 3 ½” wide x 5 5/8” tall make this deck challenging to shuffle, but the shiny laminate makes it fan beautifully. The cards, though thick are themselves flexible but the deck itself is a bit stiff. The card edges are a bit sharp.  With use the deck should become a little more flexible and the edges should soften.

The Major Arcana are not numbered and all being traditionally named except the Hanged Man is simply titled Hanged. The suits and elemental associations are Wands - Fire, Swords - Air, Cups - Water and Pentacles - Earth. The Courts are titled Page, Knight, Queen and King.

From pastels to jewel tones, Ms. Seilonen’s use of color in her painting is quite striking. The borders on the card face are done in a light green. The top border measures ¼” and side borders measure just under 3/8” and the bottom measures just under 5/8”. The card titles are in the bottom border. The borders on the card backs measure ¼” and are done in the same green as the card front.  The image on the back features 2 green ravens in flight towards each other with pink and black swirls surrounding them, over a purple back ground. The card backs are reversible friendly.


The Magician is a blue raven with pink, yellow and orange plumage. Wand, Cup and Sword suit symbols are represented in the foreground while there are colorful rolling hills in the back ground and a bright yellow, pentacle sun is high in the sky.

The companion book states “…keyword for this card is creation. The Magician is a guide and a teacher instilling his art of creating something from seemingly nothing. He shows you how to utilize these tools, switching from one to the other in a magical flash.

The Queen of Wands is a green raven with orange and pink plumage with little flame like feather tufts and the ends of her wings.  She is perched on a stump. There is a dragonfly flying behind her and mountains in the back ground.

The companion book says “…the focus of this card is adventure! If this card represents you, then life currently is without a dull moment. You are the basis and inspiration for much of what occurs around you, ever regenerating the creative energy inside and out.

The companion book features a look at each raven and includes a meaning for each, including meanings for reversals, two raven- themed spreads, a 4-card spread and a 6-card spread.

The Dream Raven Tarot would make an excellent acquisition for those who are fascinated by ravens, beginners all the way through professional, and all ages.

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