Oracle of the Shapeshifters

Review by Terri Clement


Oracle of the Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish with artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Published by Beyond Worlds/Simon Pulse,

ISBN:  978-1-58270-376-3

Retail:  U.S.  $17.99

The equally, incredibly talented Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith pair up and produce yet another visually stunning and very workable divination tool, with the Oracle of the Shapeshifters.  These doey-eyed, pouty-lipped girls and their familiars are designed to help guide the seeker while they are going through periods of transition, metamorphosis and shapeshifting.


The 45-card deck and 176-page companion paperback book are housed in a heavy duty cardboard box with a lift off top.  The deck is held together with a white paper sleeve and fits within a recess, inside the box.  The images are printed on an ultra flexible card stock with a shiny laminate.  The deck has smooth edges and riffle-bridge shuffles well even though the deck is oversized.  The cards measure 3 ¾” wide x 5 ½” tall.

The card faces have a thin gold edge on the sides but are borderless on the top and bottom.  The card backs have the same gold boarder all the way around.  The card backs are not reversible friendly, as the cards are designed to be read in the upright position.  The back features 3 brightly colored, winged frogs.  One perched on a rock, one climbing the side of a tree, and a third on a branch above.


With so many of Ms. Becket-Griffith’s spectacular images it was hard to pick a couple to show case, so I chose to draw a couple at random.

Card #28 – Strange Companions in Stranger Places – this card features 2 girls, one a look-a-like for Alice in Wonderland, with a lap full of colorful mushrooms, and an orange tabby that looks very much like Cheshire Cat, at her feet.  The other girl is a ringer for Snow White with apples in her lap, a raccoon at her feet and a fawn by her side.

Keywords:  Challenges?  Use your imagination.  The companion book says:  “You are not alone on this journey – reach out your hands and feel the protective warmth of all the other beings that have been imagined into life.”


Card #37 – The Faery Ring – Is illustrated by 4 Faeries and their familiars, a chipmunk, rabbit, mouse, and a frog in a circus setting.

Keywords:  New skills, advanced training, rapid movements.  The companion book adds:  “…holistic health, witchcraft, rituals, or spell work; sensitivity, and alertness; environmentalism; or finances, savings, and investment.  The more flexible and adept you become in these areas, the more amazing your life will be, every day.  Train, work hard, and hold your head high.”


Card #39 – Little Owlyn – A dark haired, orange eyed girl, wearing a brown dress, orange and black tights, is seated in a pumpkin patch with her owl companion.  The sun is setting in the trees behind them.

Keywords:  Wisdom is lighter than a feather.  The companion book states:  “A piece of priceless wisdom will be learned in a very simple, very easy way.”

The companion book by Ms. Cavendish is a nice size and can easily slip into a handbag.  The first 40 pages cover how to use the cards, five original spreads, a description of the creatures of the in-between realm, how Shapeshifters can be of help, and more.  The balance of the book is dedicated to the cards and images.  There is a small black and white image for each card, an “About” for each image, what the being has to say, and a divination meaning.

The Oracle of the Shapeshifters can easily be used by a beginner for a daily draw – all the way through the professional who is working with a client base.  This set can be used right out of the box, but studying the companion book would provide additional insight for the seeker.  The publisher recommends this set for ages 12 and over.

Those who are fans of Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith will find this to be a welcome addition to their collection.

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