Becoming Nature

Becoming Nature: Learning the Language of Wild Animals and Plants
Reviewed by Tabitha Chamberlain


By Tamarack Song

Publisher: Bear & CO, Inner Traditions
ISBN:  9781591432111
Price: $18.00
292 pages

This book is set up in steps instead of traditional chapters. Mr. Song's goal is to bring us each into his world of appreciate and acknowledging nature as its own world. He then lays out a game plan to make sure that those who follow his outline will be able to join him in his deep appreciation of nature.

The introduction of the book gives brief overview of how the book came about. It gives a reason why you should learn to appreciate nature the way it is supposed to be. The book does come across as New Age-y, but truly it's well worth the read.

The first step is knowing that nature is it has its own language. It teaches us that we need to keep an open mind and what to listen for when nature is starting to speak to us. There is also a section on how to deal with when our human brain interferes with what nature is trying to tell us.

Step Two teaches us how to listen to birds specifically as according to Mr. Song they have the easiest ability to relate to human speech patterns. Having read this chapter, I have to say that I do now pay more attention to the birds chattering outside of my apartment window. Step Three through Six, goes in-depth to other animals relationships and what to listen to them when they try to speak to us.

Steps Seven through Ten teaches you how to not only prepare yourself when starting to exploring this side of our world. Things like being aware, how to overcome that which is stopping you from focusing, and exercises. Along with how to walk in nature to blend in more naturally in your surroundings. The book also includes tricks and tips of balancing your human self with the natural world.

Steps Eleven and Twelve are for the most advance users of this book, talking about how to become one with an animal like traditional Native American stories.

There is also a list of stories Mr. Song relates from his own personal experience. A list of exercises that helps the reader to become more in line with what Mr. Song believes helps brings us closer to nature.

This book is truly an interesting read. This book allows your mind to be opened up to a great many possibilities. Have I quite figured out what the birds are saying to each other? Not at all, but now it isn't just an annoyance to me. It's a beautiful sound of language.

Review copy provided by Inner Traditions.

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