Dreaming Way Lenormand

The Dreaming Way Lenormand
Review by Allan Ritchie

DWL36 box

By Kwon Shina and Lynn Araujo

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-57281-758-6
Retail:  U.S. $15.95

When I got the Dreaming Way Lenormand I had reserved expectations. An initial impression of the deck is summed up in one inescapable word. The deck is “Cute.”  As a guy in the world of Lenormand those decks that are pastel, water-colored images can be a bit too feminine for my usual taste. Even with that, I love the deck.  Yes it is cute.  It is cute in a way that will endear a nervous client and it is approachable for a younger audience. The things that the creators got right won me over quickly. By quickly, I mean by the time I had flipped through the entire deck the first time I was a solid fan.

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U. S. Games has given us what we want. The Dreaming Way is a borderless deck with clear images with vibrant colors printed on quality card stock. Numbered in the top middle and a title box with playing card reference the card gives the information but remains uncluttered. There is one change as twenty-two is not Crossroads but Choices. For a beginner the Dreaming Way Lenormand is inviting to look at and contains a clear illustration of the card symbol. Kwon Shina’s artwork keeps the images modest but has a precision to add depth for the adept.

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  Coloring and detail are unassuming but work to great effect. The House, Stars, and Letter cards are all examples of capturing a light mood.  Contrasted with the Cross card that is simple yet haunting in detail and has become my favorite Cross card in any Lenormand. The Coffin may seem innocent enough but is frightening in implication.

The booklet included is a solid introduction to the deck and the system. Lynn Araujo has something to say and her insightful take on the deck and the current understanding of the system. In the introduction we bet a bit of the history of how the Dreaming Way Tarot led to the interest and creation in a companion deck was insightful. 

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A sign of the thoroughness of the deck is the use of humans.  A struggle for new reader is how to know when a card represents a person.  This deck has nailed it.  Beyond the Lady and Man cards as standard significators, the cards I use for potential people are Rider, Snake, Fox, Bear and Dog. In each of these cards there is a person depicted in addition to the animal on the card. Each image has its own genius but the Fox and Dog are perfect. An elegant woman with a live fox wrap and the young boy with a puppy on his back each capture a distinct mental idea.

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The Dreaming Way Lenormand is an authentic useful deck that clients and readers both will find creates meaningful exchange of ideas and messages of clarity.  Even in the short time using the deck it direct and talkative as the images build on each other and connections are easily made to enhance and pair with each other.   This is an easy recommendation if you are looking for a new deck or a deck to gift to introduce someone to Lenormand.

Deck provided by U.S. Games Inc. for review.

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