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With the constant news reports of violence around the world, it is refreshing to take a break this month and enjoy countries getting along and having a good time -- yep, I am talking about the Olympics, which are being held in Beijing, China this year.  But my words are insufficient to the task of describing the glory of global unity... even if it is short-lived.  Andrew Harris has written a beautiful article on Unity this month that I will defer to!

We have a winner in the July contest for the Deviant Moon Tarot, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc!  The correct answer was the "Heirophant," and it is indeed one of the many incredible cards of the Deviant Moon.

Congratulations, Whitelight!  

Speaking of the Deviant Moon Tarot, this month Melanie Harris shares her interview with its creator, Patrick Valenza, as Patrick talks about the Deviant Moon and what could be coming next!  Since the Deviant is such a great deck -- and still rather difficult to find, we decided that we would also offer a Deviant for this month's contest!

We have a huge issue this month, thanks to all our contributors!  I am very pleased to welcome submissions from Carol Guy and Jason Kitchen this month in addition to our regulars, Jeanne Fiorini, Gary Meister, Terri C., Peggy Firth, Walks With Thunder, Melanie Harris, Leean Lester, and Adrienne Abeyta! Michelle Swan is back and provides a beautiful meditation on the Emperor.

Now a bit of bad news/good news.  The bad news is that we are a bit sad, as Melanie Harris is discontinuing the very popular Pardon the Hanged Man column she has been contributing so she has time to work on other projects.  We will miss it!  Now for the good news... we are delighted to carry "A Piece of My Mind," a new  column by Jeanne Fiorini that we are premiering this month!


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