The 72 Names Cards

Review by Terri Clement


The 72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan

published by Kabbalah Insights,

Retail :  U.S. $39.00

The distinctive styling of Orna Ben-Shoshan and Kabbalah Insights bring us yet another unique metaphysical divination tool. The 72 Names Cards is a 72-card deck based on the “72 Names of God” and is designed to divine personal insights according to the secrets of the Kabbalah with a very direct and matter of fact approach.

The deck arrives in medium sized box constructed out of light cardboard and lifts open to reveal a 72-page Interpretation Booklet that is a bit larger than a standard Little White Book. Under the LWB, the deck is bound with a rubber band and is set in a recess inside the box.


The cards are printed on a thick card stock and have a shiny lamination, which make the deck a bit “thick,” but the cards are very flexible and the deck riffle-bridge shuffles and fans like a champion. The cards measure 4 ¼” tall by 2 5/8” wide. The card fronts have 1/8” border with ornate, gold swirls. The “Name” is on the top of each card taking up the top ¼ of the card, the image sits below the name and the card number is in each of the lower corners. The card backs are done in earth tones, browns, reds and yellows. There is a circle in the center of the card back that has the name of the deck. The backs are not reversible friendly as the deck is meant to be read in the upright manner.


According to the LWB, one should not take this deck lightly and use it to “test your luck” but rather when you have a question and need clarification. The booklet also states that there is no need for complicated spreads, simply draw one card. If the answer you receive from the one card draw is too vague or unclear, then Ms. Ben-Shoshan recommends rephrasing your question then draw another card for clarification. She does not recommend asking more than two questions in any reading session. The booklet also provides Interpretations for each card, including the Number, Name, Perspective, Direction and Bottom Line for each in a very clear manner.


Anyone familiar with Orna Ben-Shoshan’s artwork will instantly recognize this work. With her familiar flowing ribbons and costuming along with gravity defying and mind bending poses one can’t help but be drawn into her world.

Card 3 features a hurdling man wearing blue polka dotted pants, with a yellow tunic, red shoes and a red flowing hat with white stripes, on a teal background. One eye is covered by a butterfly and he is carrying a plant in a blue and red striped cone.

The Interpretation Booklet- Perspective for this card states:  “Whatever you experience in your relationships right now is a result of your irritability and grumpiness. You are attracted to people who pile difficulties in your way, and become preoccupied with their own conflicts. You are tempted to sink into the coziness of self-pity.”


Card 30 shows two brightly dressed men building a bridge out over water with boards being held up by nothing. One man is placing the boards while the other carries a stack of boards over his head.

The LWB – Direction for this card states:  “As you put an end to a long-lasting conflict, you fulfill yourself on a spiritual level.  Any act of sincere forgiveness creates a new bridge between yourself and the higher realms…

Card 57 shows a woman dressed in a turquoise cat printed, long sleeve shirt, with yellow over-alls, a blue ribbon scarf around her neck and an orange hat adorned with a yellow flower. She is moving red and white polka dotted balls around between two checker boards.

The booklet – Bottom line states:  “You will realize that the first solution that popped into your mind is the right solution to the problem…

Anyone who is a fan of Ms. Ben-Shoshan’s work would love to have this as addition to their collection. It answers questions directly and frankly. The 72 Names Cards are definitely designed to be used with the Interpretation Booklet and will require some study for one to become proficient with the deck. Though not the way the deck is designed it is one that could also be used intuitively.

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