PookieCat Cat-Rot Meets Lammas

PookieCat meets Lammas
By Anna Lindberg

Editor’s Note: PookieCat is filling in for the Frolicking Fae this month. Enjoy!

Pookie and I got to talk about Lammas, the first harvest of the year. I started looking around for a suitable spread that we could work with. I found one on www.furioushorde.com that I based this reading on. This spread talks a little about what we do have, what we can expect to have come in and what we could do to make things easier for ourselves. This is what Pookie had to say about it:


The spread is laid out as follows:





A: Would you like to help me out with this spread, Pookie? Should we start with the first question? It’s about what is glowing right now.

P: Bippedi, boppedi, boo! Now I turn you into a shoe! No? It was creative, don’t you think?

A: Please, Pookie, could we be a little serious here? People will think we are just playing around and mocking something that is important to them!

P: Oh, ok, let’s be a little more serious then.

A: What would you say is the most nourishing fruit that we carry?

P: My magic wand?

A: (Sigh) No, Pookie, serious! Remember? It has to do with skills, what we can offer to the world, an ability we have that we can use for ourselves and others.

P: Oh, ok. But taking things from a fun side is also important you know. You humans have a way of being so serious all the time when asking things like these. Ok, ok, I see you giving me that patented mama glare… Ahem, serious it was. How do you do that? You people have a lot of things at your hands really (you got thumbs, ain’t that special!), but you walk around and believe, or at least try to convince yourself, that you are good at nothing. But there are so many things you are good at, just look at what you are doing now! You sit there and interpret what I’m saying, just by looking at the card I’m drawn at. Ain’t that a gift?! Use it, human, use it! Don’t get stuck in how things should be, just go out there and do. Make some magic, dance under the moon.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you could do or be just anything or anyone? Come on! You must have something? It’s there, inside of you, under the moon, just let it out and believe in yourself. Write, express things, share your knowledge and your experience, that is what you should do. Don't sit around hiding it, trying to make yourself and everyone else think you’re no good!

A: Next question then, and please keep serious, ok? What are we harvesting? What is the fruit of our labour? This is abundance of all kind. This is what we have accomplished.
4 of Wands

P: Oookkkk. Something you are harvesting, as in projects, overcoming obstacles and abundance… Here and now I would say that you have been working hard, maybe not physically all the time, but you know, writing, doing research, trying to make ends meet at home and all that. It is hard work some days. Take a day off, look at what’s around you. That little Ladybug, finding a four leaf clover. If we do a lot of hard work – have you ever noticed how hard it is to chase butterflies? How much energy it requires! – we should remember to award ourselves with some me-time, taking a walk, grab a coffee with a friend. Or if we have family and kids, look at the butterflies, the bugs and all the other stuff that are all around us. The right to relax and feel at ease. See all the beautiful things in the world, big and small. Just feel the joy and the magic in living.

A: So, what are some tools that we already have to help us gather that harvest? It could be our professional and personal skills, our magical practice, and our own perseverance.
Ace of Wands

P: Food! Wrong answer, huh? I know, you guy’s got thumbs and I don’t. There are really lots of things to gather your harvest with, as long as it is done with love, respect and consideration to yourself, others and the world at large. There is so much hate, and hate always harvest more hate, never love. Do something for a friend, or for a complete stranger, something out of love or just because you can. Do it because you either love doing it, you know like your writing and stuff, or because it feels good inside. Give someone a hug, or tell them that you love them, just because you can and that maybe you make their day. Whatever you are doing, include love. For yourself, for your closest family, next of kin, friends and strangers alike.

A: So, what is not yet ripe for harvest?

3 of Pentacles

P: There are things you can say are almost done. Anna in your case, and maybe many of our readers - how to write and make it look good. You know what I mean, talking with me is one thing, but when you have to be serious *shudder* and make things look professional and not just playing around. You have a way of forgetting the fun stuff. Instead you are serious, doing your job, making it look good, making sure that there is food on the table and clothes on (why can’t you just grow a fur?).

Take time for the fun parts of life, include them in your everyday life. It might take a little longer, I know, you’re not the playful nature. But, think about it, you’re writing a lot of stuff that is funny right now, because you are talking to me *wink*

A: What is changing as we approach the dark part of the year?
Queen of Swords

P: You know, those leaves falling down and rustling is quite fun. Why do they have to end up on my nose?! You humans have a way of getting less active, you start to slow down and thinking a lot more during the darker time of year. It’s good to take your times and think things through, try and find out what has been good and what needs improvement, but you don’t have to stop playing! Get out there and have some fun anyway, use the daylight to see the colors and feel the wind. Don’t stop and be in your mind, and only there, you have a whole world around you. Think about that, maybe you need something colorful and creative on the inside too?

A: In what ways can we share our abundance?

P: Oh there are many. That road sign says it all. You can go here and there and where and why. There is always something or someone that could need you around them. It’s a big world you know. Bring your backpack and look around you, and look inside you. It mustn’t be big and fancy, it can be something small and not of much worth to you. Someone might need it.

Such a simple thing as going through your wardrobe or storage room, is there something you don’t need but someone else does? Have you grown vegetables or have fruit trees? Got more than you need yourself? Well, there is probably someone who would be happy to have it as a gift or buy it from you for a reasonable sum. There you go, and you can probably find more things out too.

A: What do we need to receive more of right now?
5 of Cups

P: It’s fun to have fun, but it is getting too much sometimes. Are we done soon? It’s hard to accept that change doesn’t have to take all your energy and time. If you are doing things, why does it always seem like it has to be done 110% and you almost forget to breathe? Slow down, don’t hang yourself up on minor details all the time. Get the big picture first and then look at the small things, not the other way around. Don’t try to do it all at once, you have two arms, 10 fingers and one head. Relax! You know that saying about burning your candles in both ends? That’s the one, you are not making anyone happier with doing that, change is not fun all the time, but if you burn yourself out in the process no one will thank you for it afterwards. Take some deep breaths, relax, grab something good to eat, a friend or two for company, and relax.

A: Last one, I promise! We know that the dark year waxes from now on, so where should our focus be up until the Autumnal Equinox?

P: Patience, my friends, patience. See how things develop, how you can balance things in your life. Yes, I know, you want things to happen now, at this instant! You want me to tell you a secret about that? It won’t happen! So, take your time, develop some patience and try and find balance in your life. Look at a tree or a plant. Does it seem to be in a hurry? Yeah, sometimes, but mostly because it has to have new seeds before it’s too late. The autumnal equinox is a balance point, day and night are equal they say. So take your time, watch a tree grow and grow with it. Ok? Can I go now? I’m not particularly interested in watching this tree grow right now, nothing happens!

Yes, you may go Pookie. Thank you for your help. I’m not sure that I got the answers we wished or hoped for, but it’s ok. It is as it should be.

So, in conclusion Pookie thinks we are too stuffy and need to play more, get some more patience, and most of all we need to be more loving to ourselves and others. Don’t forget that we have lots of talents and gifts to use for ourselves and for those around us too. This Lammas spread got a lot more fun with Pookie answering the questions, I think this deck will have a lot more time to play in the future.

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