Intuitive Messaging or Nervous Imagination

Intuitive Messaging or Your Nervous Imagination?
By Suzanne Suchan

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Newcomers to the field of receiving psychic or intuitive messaging: how do you know when it’s really intuition, as opposed to imagination?

Often, when I receive insights, it’s when I am not asking. I feel like the courier just dropped off a package in my side hallway. I am aware something new just showed up in my mind. I go in my mind, look at it, study and review it. If it’s about a person, I will reach out to that person to see how they are doing, usually to find that they have a very important question or concern, or some newsworthy event just took place in their social circle.

When I am asked for guidance, I close my eyes and wipe my mind clear. I envision and feel that I have a phone line attached between the requestor and me; then I send a line out from myself to the universe, for input, to help this person.

Everyone receives messaging differently and for me, it’s visual and sensing. I feel a certain way, like what a texture might feel like. I see and feel shades of colors.

A client of mine was concerned for her younger sister. The information she provided was that she had a somewhat neglectful upbringing and was struggling with esteem issues and self-destructive behaviors. She was losing her confidence and interest with high school. Graduation was approaching and was heading for failure.

I tuned into my client and reached out to the sister. What came back to me was "green. Plant." The words ‘starting over, new, seedling, sprout' came to me. I saw a brown seed hatch and a new baby sprout peeping out, then branching, developing strength and independence, which needed to grow without being overshadowed. Finally the words ‘lima bean' came.

As awkward as it felt for me to relay what I was seeing and sensing, my client was in awe. She revealed to me that her sister made a rebound, and graduated. Not only that, she had just decided to go on to college. She was ready to dedicate herself in a positive, healthy manner. And, to top it off, her lifelong nickname ... ‘Bean.’

If I would have thought about what came to me, ‘Bean?’ and tried to reason with it, it would not have worked. I probably would have interpreted it, and it would have become meaningless and invalid.

When you ask to see, be open to seeing what ever may be shown. Our job is simply to relay, not interpret.

Have you seen something that you felt you should have just relayed, but instead interpreted? Then afterward did you want to head-palm yourself; wishing you had just said what you saw and felt initially?

Next time, let the feelings, imagery, and words in, relay them immediately, without processing or thinking about it. Write them down, say them, get them out.

Do this as often as you can. It will strengthen your intuitive muscles. It will help you trust yourself more. You’ll begin to understand how it feels when you receive messaging, as opposed to planting information for your imagination to find. This will help grow your confidence, get into a quiet state easier, and learn to welcome insights as they come to you, in your own way!

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