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We have lots of things to talk about this month!  First, let's take care of the important business of announcing the winner of the August contest and recipient of a new Deviant Moon Tarot!  The correct answer was the Magician from the Universal Waite.

Congratulations, Carole from the UK!!!

There was some great news on the Internet -- the Associated Press issued a story about St. Johnsbury, Vermont repealing an ordinance banning practitioners from using any divinatory tools to help people.  When the law was in place it was never enforced and the town officials didn't know why it was even passed in the first place.  Read the article ->

Unfortunately, the article also shows that there is still a lot of work to be done.  It mentions several states and places that still have such laws and some have been passed as recently as last year.  Which leads me to some other unfortunate news.

On September 3, 2008, the Seattle Weekly printed a story regarding a county agency discriminating against a Tarot card reader who wished to offer her services for a charity event (read the story ->).  Discrimination in any form should not be tolerated - absolutely not by a county office or organization.  The American Tarot Association (ATA)  issued a response in the form of a letter to King County Executive Ron Sims, along with a Press Release regarding the discriminatory actions of the King County Solid Waste Division. In the letter, the ATA calls for an apology to Ms. Chauran as well as allowing her to read at the Waste Free Holiday program if she chooses to.  The Press Release is not on the ATA website yet, but you can read it here.  Read the Press Release ->

Letters and the Press Release were sent to the County Executive in charge of the department that engaged in the discrimination as well as the Public Affairs Manager,  and the employee responsible.  Comments were posted with the article and a copy of the Press Release and letters were sent to the reporter and editor of the Seattle Weekly as well as the Seattle Times and the Post-Intelligencer.

Please feel free to add your voices by posting comments to the story (the "read the story ->" link above) as well as sending email to:

King County Executive Ron Sims at

Public Affairs Manager for the KCSWD Logan Harris at

News desk at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer at

News desk at the Seattle Times via