Frolicking Fae

September Frolicking Fae
By Terri Clement

Using The Heart of Faerie Oracle 
By Brian and Wendy Froud 

September brings around a busy time for me. Especially this year. My garden is in FULL swing and loads of things need to be harvested and processed, or given away. My eldest is also getting married here at the house this month, so we have the last little bits of getting things finished up for that (I am really looking forward to October and some quiet, down time).

Let's take a peek at what the Wee Folk have to offer up for the month of September...

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During the first few days of the month, you may literally be feeling like the Crone. You may find that you are being called upon for your wisdom, teaching, healing more than normal. Think - witch in the woods; not the one that eats children. This is also a good time to study and practice things that you have not quite mastered. It is also a time to remember that things are not always as they seem.

The middle of the month brings in the Faerie of Naughtiness. Expect misplaced items, mischief and other oddities around home and work. She really just wants to play, but also serves as a reminder to "lighten up." Step out of your comfort zone. Doing something silly, thinking naughty thoughts can really shift the energy up. One might benefit from leaving a little offering for this wee one before the mischief begins.

Spending time with children (yes, fur babies count) can be very beneficial mid-month. This can also be an excellent time for those who are creative. Loads of great ideas coming in around this time. Write them down!

After the chaos of the middle of the month, the Queen of Shadows will be a welcomed friend. This is a time for quiet and introspection. Meditate, yoga, reading, listening to peaceful sounds will all recharge your batteries. This is a time to examine your shadow side. What do you keep hidden away? Take a look, it may be time to bring some of those things back into the light and breathe new life into them. Once you take a good look, you may decide to keep them out in the light or you might just put them back into the shadow for another time.

You might also consider some volunteering, maybe check with the animal shelter or food bank.

A nice stone to wear or carry this month is Opal.

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Opal is the stone of love, loyalty, and peace. The Opal is a stone that reflects the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions. It can have childlike and playful energy. It encourages freedom and independence. Opal can help release anger and can strengthen memory. It can bring inspiration to projects, life, and Spirit. 

Opal can help treat infections. It can purify the blood, kidneys, can regulate insulin. It can also be helpful for PMS and childbirth. 

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