September TarotScopes
By Lalia Wilson

August is behind us. Now it’s time for a dramatic month, more dramatic than usual, as September has two eclipses, as well as most of the month with Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde. Mercury goes retrograde on August 30th and turns direct over the night of September 21 and 22. (Mercury also has to do with commerce, mail, travel in the local area…) These affect us all, as the Solar Eclipse of September 1st is already changing lives, and will continue to do so for months. Before delving into a sign by sign look at what tarot and astrology tell us about September, it’s worthwhile to look at that Solar Eclipse at 9° of Virgo in tarot terms. For an eclipse, the Sun, Moon and one of the Moon’s nodes have to line up in similar degrees. Here the alignment is with the North Node of the Moon, Sun and Moon in Virgo, the South Node of the Moon and Neptune in Pisces, and a Mars-Saturn alignment in Sagittarius contributing friction to all of the previous. It is rare to have so many planets closely aligned in an eclipse. To put this in tarot terms, we have The Sun and The High Priestess facing off against The Moon, while The Emperor and The World are united in fighting both parties. The outlet for this Mutable T-Square is the sign Gemini, symbolized in tarot as The Lovers. Using the simplest meaning of The Lovers, love will help us all as unanticipated levels of change are forced upon us. 

Another tarot perspective on this Solar Eclipse is to see it as a marriage, a joining, of the King and Queen of Pentacles. Pentacles are usually assigned as earth elements. Many times we see the King and Queen of Pentacles as their Taurus manifestations—the fertility celebration of spring at Beltane when they meet in mid-Taurus. Which tarot decks seem to most speak about this side of the earth to you? Here, they meet in Virgo, the beginning of the harvest. Other tarot decks depict the King and Queen of Pentacles as more Virgo-like; which would you nominate?

I used a different deck of cards for each of the four elements. All cards were randomized. However, there were three repeated cards: The Hierophant, Transition (Death) and Temperance were each repeated twice. The message might be generalized to say, “Have faith, things are going to change permanently, and the person who is balanced and temperate will be favored.” No minor cards were repeated, though there were three different Knights, all speaking of actions we can take, or “must” take, and two pages urging us to listen, learn, and communicate. By element, we had one fire, 3 earth, 4 air and 4 water.


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The Fool and the Squire (Page) of Swords:

The Fool card is traditionally associated with the planet Uranus, which has been disrupting the lives of Aries people for the last five years. So, here we are asked to live with it, to embrace the Fool, to allow ourselves to be free. This message is being lived out loud by people taking the message to extremes, being intemperate (a tarot joke, see the Temperance cards in other readings), who want freedom and are willing to dissolve into a period of chaos to get there. The Squire or Page of Swords wants his say in what’s happening. Words are his power. Astrologically that Page of Swords energy is being backed up by the most powerful ally in the Zodiac, Jupiter (The Wheel of Fortune card). With Jupiter on your side, you can say your piece. In addition to your own urge for freedom at any cost, your significant other has romance on the mind. Career deadlines and demands are keeping you busy, too busy!

Images from The Parallel Worlds Tarot by Astrid Amadori - self published.


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Death and the Five of Cups:

Big changes for you, Taurus. Either your love life or your children, are providing lots of activity and entertainment for you these days. However, if you have a SO, that person may be wanting an open relationship. Part of you wants openness too because you have so many options right now, but at heart, you are a conservative person who wants exclusivity. Could this be a parting of ways? There are also, unfortunately, some possible indications of an STD. If you have any reason to suspect this, see your physician right away.

Images from Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownki and Terry Donaldson published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Hierophant and the Four of Wands:

What's going on behind the scenes? Part of you is focused on events in the spirit world or otherwise concealed from everyday life. In the meantime, there are some religious ceremonies and celebrations, a wedding or two? This Solar Eclipse hits the structure of your life. Something to do with the home or family is changing. Spending time with (your) children or artistic endeavors will bring smiles and fun. Enjoy the celebrations, they don’t come around all that often.

Images from Steampunk 
Tarot by Barbara Moore and Ally Fell published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.


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Justice and the Nine of Swords:

The Nine of Swords is worry and guilt. Yet the chart does not show anything you have to be guilty of, Cancer, unless it is guilt over being sentimental and romantically-inclined. Yes, you have your heart on your sleeve. That is not a crime. As one of the most sentimental and romantic signs of the zodiac, don't judge yourself by your harsher sisters and brothers. You are you. You are entitled to feel what you feel. The focus of the eclipse will be on siblings and other relatives. You cannot suffer for them. Be as helpful as you can, but ultimately it is up to them to solve their own problems. Be attentive to your own health issues. In your role as a counselor, beware of practicing medicine without a license.

Images from Healing Tarot by Juno Lucina and Monica Knighton published by Schiffer.


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The Sun and the Queen of Swords:

The Sun is your best card, Leo. It’s time to be yourself. Being yourself will bring in money, something that is in abundance for you these days. The eclipse will shake up money matters, raising your personal income. There is some gentle and brainy female energy around you. It could be yourself, or a female relative or friend. This brainpower is useful to you, so take care of the person who empowers you and feeds you creative ideas. Expect a flurry of activity near the end of the month as Mercury goes direct.

Images from The Parallel Worlds Tarot by Astrid Amadori - self published.


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Temperance and the Knight of Pentacles:

It’s your birthday, Virgo, and you are the center of attention. Probably you are the center of more attention that you want, as you are a naturally humble type. The Solar Eclipse is in your first house of appearance and vitality. This could bring a big change. The Temperance card suggests, however, that you limit tattoos to places usually covered in an office environment, and try a temporary fix on the hair, so as not to jeopardize your everyman image. So shaving your head, especially for women, is out. You can liven things up a bit, but you don’t want to regret this down the road. The Knight of Pentacles is asking you to move forward on practical matters. Here, it particularly applies to your home. If you have any code violations, see to them immediately. If you are a renter, and there are code violations in your housing, let your landlord know and be prepared to contact the authorities if no action occurs. If you are building or remodeling, be sure that you follow all the building codes, they are for your safety!

Images from Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownki and Terry Donaldson published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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The Hanged Man and the Knight of Swords:

Some part of your life is on “pause,” likely because of health issues. The eclipse is asking you to take the time for self-care. In the meantime, words are always Libra’s way of making war. Usually Libra has sweet words, even if they are words that can be interpreted in multiple ways, but this month you are really tempted to get into an argument with a relative or neighbor. It will take a lot of your limited energy right now, plus it is beneath you. Libra, you know how to get your way with sweet words, you are a natural diplomat, don’t go there!

Images from Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.


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Hierophant and the Knight of Cups:

Almost the same cards as last month, Scorpio. You are still focused on a significant partnership. The Knight of Cups is telling you that some wooing needs to happen. You need to attend to the other person and make them special. The pulse of energy from this month’s eclipse is hitting your clubs, friendships, and associations. Something they are up to is going to impact your wallet negatively. Are they obligating you in ways that you are embarrassed to say that you can’t afford? How will you manage this without losing your image of effortless financial means?

Images from Healing Tarot by Juno Lucina and Monica Knighton published by Schiffer.


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Temperance and the Ten of Cups:

Temperance is your card in the Major Arcana, Sag. Here it is pointing out your current dilemma, should you bite your tongue and allow a lot of what you consider “nonsense” to go by, or speak up and live to regret it. Self-discipline is called for. Of all the signs, yours is the least self-disciplined, and you’d prefer to skip that life lesson. The Ten of Cups is another suggestion that you enjoy life with lower limits—whether they be limits as to how much you eat, drink, or express your opinions. It’s hard, Sag, but life will be a lot more fun if you aren’t drunk, fat, or avoiding people you’ve offended. Learn to enjoy life without excess.

Images from The Parallel Worlds Tarot by Astrid Amadori - self published.


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The Tower and the Two of Pentacles: 

The eclipse may bring a sudden trip abroad or a return to school. Your dreams may be oppressive. Ever wake up and feel like you were "working" all night? You are juggling your day job and your “night” job. Sorry, that may continue for a while. Be prepared to deal with strong winds, storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes that might damage your home. Please secure outside items, including small repairs of the roof and so forth, and look over your home or renter’s insurance.  September is looking grim for you, Capricorn, so let us see what positives we can spot. There’s lots of energy to make changes! Use the energy, or be the victim of it, depending upon your choices. October will find you more in charge of your life.

Images from Hobbit Tarot by Peter Pracownki and Terry Donaldson published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


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Death and the Seven of Pentacles:

Some actions this month are going on behind the scenes. In addition, the big eclipse on the first impacts your money from a spouse or an investment. This could be a big positive or a big negative change. Your own income may have been winding down unless you have been involved in a Neptunian line of work: fisheries, fashion, film, or drugs. With the Death card, stay away from illegal means of income. The new marijuana boom is legal in some states, not in others. Make sure you are in the correct state for your line of work. Foreign or long-distance travel is coming up soon. Next month? 

Images from Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.


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The Star and the Page of Cups:

You are scheming in private, or working in your dreams, to start something new and brainy. It won’t be long before you turn a new leaf and initiate something smart, an invention, a discovery, a new book? Your significant other is receiving the major impetus for drastic change from this eclipse. You can diffuse some of that tension with more love and activity between the sheets. Your indications for this month are quite positive, so enjoy looking forward to better things, and enjoy your love-life!

Images from Healing Tarot by Juno Lucina and Monica Knighton published by Schiffer.

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