December Message from the Frolicking Fae

by Terri C.
When I see the glittering frost on the grass in the first morning light, I can’t help but think of our little wee friends. It almost feels like they’ve been out working furiously all night.

The first two weeks of the month you can expect the excitement and the magic of the upcoming holiday season to build. Plans are being made and shopping lists compiled. You feel that everything is right on track, but something may feel a bit off. There is a slight feeling of disconnect. This feeling is below the surface and not noticeable by others. Use your intuition and search inside yourself to find the source of the feeling. To find a work around, ask the faeries to reveal it to you and then help you release it. If you continue to carry this around with you, it will consume you. It’s not your stuff, so don’t carry it. The sooner you release it, the sooner you can move forward.

Once you go through the release process (what ever that is for you), you will find that you become quite flirty and playful. This only adds to the magic of the season. Of course, leaving out a thimble of brandy for the Fae will intensify this effect.

Take time to enjoy your close, personal relationships. Treasure them, be gracious for what you do have. Focus on the positive here, not the negative. Relationship growth with the Faeries is also very easy during this magical time of year. You can call them in during mediation. Singing and dancing will also catch their attention. Spreading Faerie Dust can also bring their energy in quickly. They like sparkles!

It may be time to put a new spark into that love life. Plan the ideal date with your someone special. Do something out of the ordinary. Just the two of you. Focus on the magic of your relationships. What brought you together? What are you both passionate about? What is the glue that bonds the relationship? Hold a small quartz (of your choice) stone in your hand and ask Faeries to infuse it with a special blessing for relationship. Be specific here; ask for what you want! Carry it with you or offer it to your someone special. This can also apply to friendships.

As we reach the middle of the month, you may be feeling that there is so much to do and yet so little time. Learn when to say “enough is enough.” Remember it really is not all about how much money you spend or how many presents everyone receives. It’s all about LOVE.

Energetically, you may be feeling that the more you do, the more that stays the same. When you get to this point, STOP! Let everything be what it’s going to be.

The last week of the month you may be feeling blue or let down. It’s important to remember here that this week is the last week of a Universal 9 year. There is so much to look forward to. This is not a time to just sit back and do nothing. Use this time creatively. Set some goals for the New Year and beyond. Make sure that some are easy to obtain and make some others that will cause you to stretch.

Finish up that which needs to be finished. Toss out or give away those material possessions that you no longer need. Close the doors that no longer serve you, by being open. By doing these things now, you set yourself up for big things in January.

All in all, expect a busy, magical month. Enjoy your interaction with the Faerie Nation. Thank them for helping you through the month as well as entertaining you!

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