TarotScopes for December 2007

By Adrienne Abeyta

Aries: Chariot (8 of Swords)


Be prepared to encounter a rather perplexing challenge; to do or not do, is the question. Though circumstances may feel limiting, there is a solution that lies just beyond your normal rationale. You must tap into your emotions if you are to steer a direct course. Forget your fears and listen to your inner warrior because the course of your life is about to take a dramatic detour. The week of the 17th will start off with a bang and end with a fizzle – don’t do anything you might regret later. 

Taurus: Hierophant (Knight of Swords)


When you ask provoking questions, expect provocative answers. A small tornado may blow the roof off your humble abode as you encounter words you were not prepared to hear. A virtuous intention to help someone who you assume needs it may inadvertently backfire in your face. Or, the one thing you’ve been itching to know, yet too afraid to ask will finally come to the surface, however the response is as unsavory as you thought it to be. By the 20th things should be back to normal, so take a look at what has this lesson taught you.

Gemini: Sun (Queen of Cups)


A chance encounter with a mysterious person will shed light on a dark corner of your psyche. This may evoke some deeper emotions that alter the way you’ve been living your life. If you’re in a relationship, reach out and connect in a more intimate way, turn your mind off and let your heart do the talking. This is a glorious time for you to express what you feel and what is true for you. The Solstice on the 21st is a wonderful time to celebrate with those who mean the most.  

Cancer: Magician (Page of Cups)


Make the best out of what you have, because whether you see it as good or bad, there’s an opportunity on offer. The power of thought and the magic of your mind are a remarkable combination for creating the life you want. Though a recent emotional situation may have confused you, trust that a fragile new beginning is emerging. Let go of any resentments as they only prevent you from the happiness you deserve. The full moon will offer you a night of miracles when someone you least expect makes a surprise appearance.

Leo: Empress (6 of Swords)


You will be gathering the harvest of your past efforts and incredible patience. Your recent challenges are actually god-sent programs for growth; and as the weather changes, so will your direction. You may consider going on a trip at this time to prepare for the bigger journey ahead. Use those gifts from your past to develop a new course of action and be open to what your family has to offer. Christmas day is a great starting point to embark on this next phase; say farewell to the old you and go confidently toward your bright future.

Virgo: Star (King of Pentacles)


Ambition is only one side of the coin when striving for personal goals; the other, perhaps even more valuable, is self-confidence. Attaching your faith in life to your own abilities will offer you deeper insights. At the beginning of the month, you will encounter a prospect so promising that you’ll be inundated with inspiration. Find the connections to what you’ve been working on and don’t waste energy going down unproductive paths. By the end of the month, you should be able to secure means for consistent growth.

Libra: High Priestess (5 of Wands)


Beware, there are hidden influences coming that threaten to undermine your current circumstances. Yet, before pointing the finger of blame, look beyond others at the reflection of yourself. Your uncertainty reflects more of your secret fears then you realize. Those silly conflicts with others are really about your own limitations. Focus on the potentials that are ironically present in your struggles and you will find both creative solutions for your problems and insights into who you really are. A disagreement near the 3rd may be a ripe opportunity for such awareness.  

Scorpio: Hermit (Queen of Swords)


Being a little introverted this month may actually provide you some much needed reflection. Issues of dependence could be hindering your relationships; either you’re being too dependent and clingy, or your independence is excluding others. During this period of soul-searching you may want to revise some of your core beliefs about relationship – do you expect a little more than you are willing to give? During the first week of the month, someone you care about may give you the cold shoulder. Give them space and they’ll come around.

Sagittarius: Lovers (7 of Swords)


With affairs of the heart come choices, the deeper your connection, the harder your choices may seem. In the same way as others act as a mirror, so too does a choice reflect your values. Some of your recent choices are beginning to reveal the cracks in your façade; you’re avoiding issues and upholding pretenses for the sake of security. Pretending that you are happy, compromising your feelings, and dancing around that big elephant will only put off the inevitable. The New Moon will likely expose the truth behind your charades and the purpose for pretending.  

Capricorn: Moon (3 of Pentacles)


To dream the impossible dream – a beautiful song perhaps, but as for your life right now; you may want to be a little more realistic. Prepare yourself for what could happen because an established area of life is about to hit a speed bump. Someone or something you’re depending on may not come through like you expected. However, if you have a “Plan B” as back-up, this may only be a small detour. In regards to finances, the week of the 10th waves a red flag, so be prudent and check your records. 

Aquarius: Wheel of Fortune (Ace of Wands)


Ready for a ride? This month will surely deliver something unexpected and exciting. You would do well not to grasp for control because the energy behind this is explosive. Something that started last summer will suddenly go in a different direction, and this is guaranteed to change your perspective on things. The weekend of the 14th will deliver a surprise that will shock you, so be prepared to initiate a long-kept plan. Now is your window of opportunity to take that risk, ask for that raise, propose marriage, or take that leap of faith.

Pisces: Temperance (Page of Wands)


A feeling of dissatisfaction is emerging on your horizon, and the more you attempt to avoid it, the stronger it will get. Your emotions are your navigation system for your internal landscape – if you mask them by distracting yourself with superficial pleasures, you will only get further from your truth. The truth in this case is that you’re not satisfied with a major part of your life: relationship, job, home life, appearance. During the middle of the month you will feel more restless than usual. Use this time to explore something fun or perhaps even taboo.

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