Tarot for Today

by Melanie Harris
The air is chilly, but hearts are warm with family, friends, and gift giving.  In many cultures, December is a time of celebrating light, be it in the form of the Christian birth of Jesus, the Jewish Hanukkah remembrance of the lasting oil lamps, the Pagan rebirth of the solar deity, or the African-American celebration of family and community at Kwanzaa.  Even in the coldest season, we find life, hope, caring, and creativity.  Days grow longer starting on the solstice, and with increased sunshine often comes greater physical energy and renewed optimism.  

December is a wonderful time to celebrate success, creativity, life, and love, and also to cultivate hope for the future.  Here are some Tarot activities to harness this month's festive spirit.

December Tarot Talisman for Success
Symbol of the new and the creative and representative of powerful solar energies, The Sun card is an ideal December talisman for success.  To transform the card into a talisman, imagine your greatest ambitions as if you've already accomplished them.  Envision the details of immense success, and send this emotion into the card.  Carry the talisman with you this December to increase your optimism and to help create fortuitous circumstances that can lead to success.  This talisman is quite effective, so be aware of opportunities and be prepared to seize your chances with positive, constructive action.

Get Creative Tarot Layout
This layout will empower you with fresh inspiration and will guide you in removing blocks to your creativity.  Start by contemplating the question, "What should I convey with my creations?"

Choose a card and interpret it broadly, considering all aspects of the card.  For instance, if you pick the Queen of Cups, you could take it to mean that you should create something that expresses love, and you could also consider that it might represent the more specific theme of a woman who holds her love sacred and secret.  You might be inspired to craft a quilt with a heart pattern, or you might decide to write a romance story about a woman like the Queen of Cups.  Whatever card you pick, let it inspire you.  Take some time to contemplate the card, and go ahead and write a list of ideas for creative projects you might want to try.  Think of something creative to do that conveys the symbolism of the card, be it a painting, a poem, a dance, or a kitschy craft. 
The next step is to explore both the obvious and the unseen blocks to your creativity.  Shuffle the deck as you think, "These are the external blocks to my creativity."  

Lay out the top 1 to 3 cards to represent these environmental obstacles.  Re-shuffle the deck with your mind focused on internal blocks to your creativity.  Again, lay out the top 1 to 3 cards, this time to symbolize blocks to your creativity that are self-inflicted.  
Reflect on the cards you've selected, and challenge yourself to come up with some ways to move past your obstacles.  For instance, if the 9 of Pentacles comes up and shows that domestic duties get in the way of your creativity, you can find a solution in taking a day off from your chores once a week or so to work on your own more enjoyable projects. The reading complete, grab your guitar, sewing kit, art box, or journal and get started right away on a creative endeavor that truly fills you with passion.

December Tarot Ritual to Celebrate Light and Love   
Here is a December ritual to honor and celebrate all the elements of your life that bring you joy and love.  Look through your deck and select all the cards that symbolize something or someone you're thankful for.  Lay the cards in a row and think about each one, who or what it symbolizes to you and the good feelings that come with it.  Do a little dance to celebrate these elements of light in your life, or simply make a toast, expressing in your own words the gratitude and gladness you feel for everything that brightens your days.

Like the evergreen trees that retain their color throughout the cold of winter, you can keep December bright by nurturing and celebrating the enduring spirit of success, creativity, and life.  We hope these Tarot activities will help you to do just that.  

Merry December!

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