December Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

It is an incredibly exhilarating time to be alive if you can get past the genuinely unsettling chaotic energy that coexists. Those of us who were activists through the challenging times in the late Sixties and early Seventies have been longing to see the youth move from seeming slumber to outrage as our human rights are daily eroded and the promise of a shining future that looks like a dim lie.

That being said, as I look to the scenes of peaceful rebellion in the streets all around the world not only by young people but all manner of people who are being marginalized by the 1%, I feel my heart expand with pride seeing that torch of freedom not only being passed but soundly carried. 

These are not your mama's demos either with 21st Century Technology greasing the wheels as well as more democratic communication amongst the people! However, for the most part, the police and the Feds are up to their same old violent tricks with outside agitators invading peaceful groups and trying to foment violence as well as the liberal use of tear gas, pepper spray, clubs, rubber bullets and wholesale arrests for doing nothing.

The desire for peace and freedom is alive and well and it feels like Redemption.

 Many of these folks have finally awakened to the inequities, and basic con job that has been perpetrated on the people, for the first time in their lives! This time IS first and foremost a time of Awakening! Ask yourself, "How am I being awakened?"

We see Veterans, grandmas, moms carrying signs and their kids, people heretofore sucked into the system joining the usual suspects, the politicos, labor and free spirited folk occupying the streets in all the major cities. Nay sayers keep asking, "What are they trying to achieve?" Granted a specific list of demands and time tables would be good and hopefully that will evolve quickly and organically without the co-optation by any Party.

So what does this have to do with Astrology you might ask? Plenty!

For the last year or so I have been predicting just such a fomenting rebellion due to the long transit of Rebellious Uranus which has been in harsh aspect to Revolutionary Pluto. What else could we expect? Both of these energies tend to push the edge hard and when they are in a chaotic relationship with each other there will be no room for denial or artifice, the Truth will come to the surface and this predictably points strongly to our institutions and corporations with Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect will not even be exact til June and making its final jab at the end of 2015. I am not trying to over emphasize these energies but I am trying to be clear that we are not all going to go back to life as we knew it in 2001 or even last year. We appear more and more to be a one Party system and the voice of the People will be heard!

At the Hub of this wheel, we are needing to take a good hard look at POWER in all its manifestations and applications. Who has it and who doesn't. Why can the Oil companies [Pluto, underground resource held by corporation, Capricorn]  bleed the people and ruin the environment crying for tax exemptions as they make record profits? Why is College Football more important than protecting the safety of young children? Whose Family Values are these! Why is Rape acceptable practice for Priests and Coaches? Who has the POWER? 

As the transit of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn really hits the fan, the 99%, the Power of the People will ideally take some creative steps to show the 1% Corporate Power how they are extremely outnumbered.

This is a point that we the people must remember.

The month of December begins with a Venus/Pluto conjunction and I predict, and I am not stretching my Third Eye too much for this one, that for the next 6-8 months we will be hearing about sex abuse scandals from all the places where adults can have authority over young people. The world of college and high school sports will shake the rattling skeletons out of their collective closets as the abused line up free at last to find the courage to heal and name their perpetrators.

Saturn in Libra sternly sits watching the drama reminding us that the Laws of Karma apply to all. As her three rings get closer to trining [harmonizing]Neptune she offers up this Truth. With this energy in mind, I also predict that evidence about the continued destruction by BP of the Gulf Waters, people, fish, birds and wetlands will come to the surface like the nasty balls of tar that they left behind.

We are on a great Collective Adventure and everyone can play, no exclusions, even if you might want to be. The more we embrace the changes the gentler the journey. I say this knowing fully that some of these changes may feel very UN-embraceable.

Those people who have "easy charts" IE charts where there is little inner conflict, can find such times really hard because they are used to an easy roll through life. Those who have faced challenges and struggles as a more regular part of life are better equipped and will probably have better inner life rafts and survival strategies. 

This would be an excellent time to check in with your astrological charts or have one charted to help you better navigate the current cosmic white water.

Hint! Call Flash Silvermoon!

Because we have been suffering with the "Corporatization" of the Planet this effects all of us. For years I can remember many of us calling for the Fall of Patriarchy which is a fantastic idea and I always included, and do not let it fall on us! This is the trick as I see it. 

There is a true New World struggling to emerge from the birth canal with the hands and hearts of millions of midwives holding that Sacred Web  like a swaddling cloth to both protect this new life as well as gently and forcefully pull it to existence lest it suffocate in utero.

We are the Midwives, women, men children and the animals all finding ways to do our part to support this New Incarnation. Your way needn't look like my way and vice versa but I do believe by our personal awakenings [Uranus] we will collectively converge to co-create this New World.

If many of you have been having an unusually tough time with issues of the physical body, it's not just that we are aging, or that the chem trails are toxing us out, this may also be true but mainly our physical bodies and particularly our nervous systems are trying to adapt and recalibrate to the higher frequencies that are surrounding us. 

Uranian energy can be really wicked on the nerves. I find the flower essences, stones and gem elixirs wonderfully useful to dial the intensity down a notch particularly if you are an Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra or have planets in these signs. When I made the Gem Elixir for Earth Changes, the stones who volunteered for the job were those that grounded, elevated and generally soothed the spirit. Message for me is that  in order to move more gently through the shifts we need to be grounded, peaceful and inspired.

The mainstream medical model does not understand these needs, so I am offering you some hands on ways to support yourself as we go through these "Interesting Times" like the Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs and Stones that can be bought at my shop at Moonhaven in Melrose.

By the way, murky little Mercury Retrograde escaped my mention last month is pretty cagey. To fly so low under the radar that the Astrologer can't tell on you is quite a feat! Let me illuminate, as of Nov. 24 - Dec 13, Mercury has gone and is in retrograde. Basically this means that you really need to dot the I's and cross all the T's and be very careful with your important communications and best not to commit to anything long term now as you simply will not have all the information. 

On Dec 10 we will experience the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and this should be a most amazing pause in space to refresh, reboot and explore the possibilities of experiencing life from a different perspective. The opportunities abound for you now and can empower you to reach in and out for new energies and solutions. Quantum Leap anyone? 

Winter Solstice should be quite the night of surprises as trickster Uranus squares the Sun with Pluto nearby for good measure. On this Holy Day, we here at Moonhaven like to literally or symbolically leap over the fire leaving behind what we no longer need and leaping towards our better future. It's a powerful moment and do try this at home with or without fire as a way to draw a better future. 

Sisters, should you wish to join our Circle at Moonhaven for Solstice please see the invitation below and see more Solstice info on my BLOG at 

Last but not least, we have a Capricorn New Moon on Xmas Eve and I must say that it makes me wonder just what might occur under the Solstice Tree or who will be falling down the chimney. The Sun, Moon and Pluto are all conjunct in Capricorn and squared by little old Uranus so again, there is a feel of anything can happen. We may want to look at the Occupy encampments for some kind of breaking news. I wouldn't be surprised either if the Mid East erupts more profoundly.

Again we are faced with digging in deep to see what really matters to us on all levels and how far we are willing to go to make it happen.

 Where do you stand and what do you stand for?

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