Tarot Coupling: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings

Review By Terri Clement


Tarot Coupling
: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings by Gina G. Thies

Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
, www.schifferbooks.com

ISBN:  978-0-7643-4554-8

Retail U.S.  $24.99

Are you looking to add a little punch to your relationship readings? Then Tarot Coupling by Gina Thies might be right up your ally. Tarot Coupling reads more like a reference or resource for complex relationships than a how to guide for the Tarot. 

Ms. Thies addresses how to use the cards for common problems in relationships based on a theory that relationships are in one of 5 categories or stages of the relationship:


1.  New relationship or seeking a relationship.

2.  Committed or married partners.

3.  Expanded stage (Expert level advice).

4.  Deteriorating or those not functioning well.

5.  End

The first 9 chapters are dedicated to the very basics such as what is divination, how to pick a deck, rituals, history of the tarot with a brief introduction to the Golden Dawn and the occult thrown in there with a lot of psychology such as Attachment Theory, Jung, and Myers-Briggs Theory, among others. 
Though Tarot Coupling includes some historical theory of origin, the conclusion says that “it works, in spite of proof of its origin.” 

Tarot Coupling also introduces a Therapeutic Reading Structure or TRS, which is a system of checks and balances to maximize the client’s reading experience and is used to put them on a path away from the damaged inner child toward the developing adult.

The remaining part of the book covers the following:  

Majors – Including the Golden Dawn or Esoteric titles, the corresponding Hebrew Letter and meaning, the Qabalistic Attribution, the associated Element and Planet. There is a General Commentary for each Major, Tarot Coupling Keywords, General Interpretation and interpretations for each Stage of the Relationship as mentioned above.

For the Minors, Ace through 10 - the book includes the Golden Dawn title and Decan along with a General Interpretation and interpretations for each Stage of the Relationship as mentioned above.


For the Court cards, the Golden Dawn title, Element , Decan, Astrological Association and Attachment are included.  Then there are Positive and Negative Keywords, a General Interpretation and interpretations for the Stages of the Relationship.

Tarot Coupling does include a couple of spreads, which are:

Core Value Spread – What your parents modeled for you and why you pick the partners you choose.  Designed to be used as “food for thought.”

Tarot Coupling Relationship Spread - This spread is to be used along with birth cards as taught by the Tarot School. This is a 12-card, 6-position spread.

Even though some basics are covered, I feel this book is designed for the advanced reader and possibly those who have a bit of a psychology background and especially for those who want to focus primarily on relationship readings or specialize in relationship counseling or coaching.

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