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By Flash Silvermoon

It's hard to believe that we are almost through the winter here in mostly sunny Florida, however there appears to be nothing more unpredictable than the weather. Good thing there is no Global Warming. I don't know about you but I am feeling so much more flow, more sensitivity and that is both good and bad. My intuition is so on in ways that I haven't experienced til now and I am loving that.

I have a gorgeous sanctuary here at Moonhaven and most people who have walked the land find it most magical as well as healing. I too share that experience but it's as though the devic realm has turned the spiritual volume all the way up. I am hearing and feeling the plants, earth and all the animals so much more clearly and deeply. I feel such exuberance and  joy as I walk around the trees and flowers.

A week ago, my angel trumpets, which now tower a good 13 feet over a pathway, suggested that I just stand there and take in their pure energy. I was surprised by their suggestion as well as the presence of their sweet voices and heeded them. Wave after wave of exotic aroma and gentle vibrations emanated forth wrapping me in a fragrant healing mist which was balm for my frayed nerves and soul. I had not recognized how battered I had been feeling by the harshness of the material world. Sometimes I do not immediately recognize how much damage I can endure til I am just wasted. Fortunately during this process I have learned to take breaks and tend to me as well.

At the time, I was working very hard healing some precious miniature horses. I had no time to process my own grief and I was in Amazon Healer mode for weeks. I have to say though that I have rarely felt so on point, doing the work that I am here to do. The animals' gratitude and healing filled me with so much love and happiness... yet walking them through and beyond this pain did surely take it out of me at times. The flowers knew that I needed them just as the horses needed me. I treated the horses with flower essences and gem elixirs that I had made and of course through love and communication. My partner Pandora even played her Native American flute to soothe their wounded souls and we both endeavored to set the vibrations of the entire farm to a more peaceful state. The horses and other animals are back in balance. Words do not adequately express the joy and deep satisfaction that this work brought to me. Perhaps the pictures that I offer (on my website) will tell the story better.

We must all find that balance for ourselves and take the time to relax and find the healing that abounds in nature.

The down side of my new elevation is extreme emotional and physical sensitivity as well as a need for more rest and serenity. Because of all the crap that has rained down on us from chem trails, mercury in our food and water, and a load of chemicals too diverse and plentiful to supposedly make our homes and businesses clean and sweet smelling, many of us, myself included, have become extremely sensitive to such things. It is very hard to go into a public bathroom or even have a client wreaking of some popular commercial perfume. Those of us with increasing sensitivities are the canaries in the coal mine, but make no mistake these toxic aromas are hurting you too, you just don't know it yet! We are all being given a stronger energetic download as the planet's vibratory rate increases and those of us who work with energy of course are more affected.

Perhaps some of this heightened sensitivity is due to the planetary pileup in Pisces including Mars, Neptune, Chiron and asteroid Hygeia. We have been having an increasing problem with toxins, particularly in our waters since Neptune moved into Pisces in 2010 with Chiron the Planet/ Asteroid of the wounded healer coming along for the ride. Could we healers and Lightworkers be feeling ever more wounded as we find ourselves more intimately connected to the world at large? Some of you may be feeling a greater need to retreat more often, to have some relief from feeling others so much. This is not a bad thing at all and we all need to find better and better ways to balance our lives so that we can function most effectively all the way around. By understanding what your "normal" is, you will have a greater ability to distinguish between what is your stuff and what belongs to your partner, child, parent or even the planet. 

Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune blur the edges, make everything more mystical and spiritual, offer ecstasy to the mundane, romanticize, and even deceive as they dissolve the boundaries of what we typically think of as our reality. It is this dissolution which many find scary and free fall can be ecstasy for some and hell for others depending on how strong your control needs are and how bored you have become by the status quo. Neptunian energy is not likely to blast you out of your routine like outer planets Uranus or Pluto but it can be experienced as an erosive quality that slowly separates you from life as you know it. If going with the flow has eluded you as a way of life, you will feel so much freer to explore a more patient way of being. 

Some of you are probably nodding your heads in agreement about now. Because my entire occupation as a Psychic, Astrologer, Animal Communicator/Healer and even Musician is dependent on my ability to feel and connect. This shift has been wonderful  and exciting for the expansion of my gifts as well as being more noticeable. Wherever you are on this cosmic spiral that is unfolding so beautifully, your gifts are expanding as well. You might even like to keep a journal to chart your progress!

By February 1, Venus has entered the airy sign of Aquarius while Mars, the planet of war and physicality, sinks into the Piscean waters. When personal planets shift like that it is  good to see how these transits affect your personal horoscope, your planets and how they light up new houses. Also a great time to get a reading from your favorite astrologer. I think that we will all experience  greater ease and much less frustration than we have in the last several months because the planets over all are more harmonious with each other.

Mars in Pisces is likely to cause a more peaceful wave of energy softening our militaristic march to global supremacy and that is all for the good. Perhaps  more military higher ups will be caught in lies and misconduct and leaders might just start to discover ways to fill our coffers with a more peace-time economy! I suppose women who really want to fight on the front line should have the right but how about not fighting period.

Since the end of January we are once again graced by Jupiter's beneficial forward motion. Jupiter, who can be seen as the planetary holder of expansion and prosperity, finally moved full throttle forward on January 31. It will even be sextile controversial Uranus. Personally, your money and resources should improve and the economy should do the same. If the politicians are still holding the people hostage tied to some frail limb about to go over a cliff with no windfall in sight, this just might be the time for some radical liberation. We shall see and whatever the manifestation, it should be from out of left field and basically quite positive. 

Hold your wallets up to the sky on the Full Moon and continue to do so through February 2 and you can't go wrong. Of course, not the whole time lol.

Habondia Goddess of Plenty kindly fill up our coffers as well as those where the need is great. Yemonja, Orisha of the Marketplace, please create commerce and prosperity for us all. White Buffalo Woman please bring your Sacred Pipe to the fire and bring us all Peace! Blessed Be, Aho, Ase'.

I am telling you, we are all getting  such a download of mystical energy and our intuition is on high alert. Venus rules how we do our relationships so for it to move into the unconventional sign of Aquarius suggests that all kinds of unique and non traditional bonds will start to come out of the closet and even be accepted. Hopefully some of the states will take the opportunity to vote on Gay Marriage or better still, that it will be put to a national  tally. I for one do not want to see gay people have to  get each state to vote for our right to love and marry. Less specifically, Aquarians can often feel like the Aliens of the zodiac so if you are an Aquarius or have the planet Uranus strongly aspected in your chart, you might just find it easier to be and express your own unique selves at this time. Some relationships that form now are liable to come together magnetically and suddenly and come apart the same way but will never be boring.

With the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th this Uranian energy will be manifesting even stronger with rebellious forces seeking ways to go up against authoritative regimes and ideology. Power to the People is not just some old slogan from the 60's held together by those with enough brain cells left to remember! The Occupy movement has been a little quieter than first experienced or perhaps more integrated into other groups and the Kasbah has surely been rocking. The nodes of the moon are also forming a T- square to the New Moon from the 2nd and 8th houses. This suggests  a crisis of conscience for all of us. Where will you stand? What do you value and hold dear and what are you willing to do  to make your values congruous with the life that you lead?

We all can make a difference in our world and it becomes our job to discover the best place to be most effective.

Venus will Square Saturn the next day on the 10th which can both stabilize existing relationships and pose questions that can challenge and improve them as well. On the 18th Saturn will begin its yearly retrograde sojourn til July 7 so it will be a good time to clean up all regressive patterns and places where you may be stuck.


So how about Valentine's Day?

I like to celebrate the coming of the Sacred Love Goddesses starting on February 2 with Imbolc, Candlemas, Brigid’s Day and so on. One day is simply not long enough to honor the Goddess of Love. This segment of time is more aptly called The Feast of Aphrodite, a time of love and lust, revelry and good food and chocolate wrapped around succulent strawberries and other goodies. Light up your red, white and pink candles and dive into your sacred bath adorning yourself with flowers and pure exotic oils that tempt and seduce a potential lover or just enhance your personal magnetism. Uh huh, that's the way it's done sisters.

Mainstream culture likes to deify St. Valentine and give this bloodthirsty slayer of women the one day of the year that Love is supposed to Rule. How totally bizarre and how the hell did he manage to grab that gig? I could research but let’s just chalk that up to the bad-ass patriarchy - btw, he is not even a real Saint. For the rest of this article, which appears on my website see: 

OK, from February 23 to March 17 Mercury the Messenger will be retrograde. I have spoken of this cycle that happens 3x a year for approximately 3 weeks many times before and this time it will be like most planets this month, in the watery sign of Pisces. I no longer dread this retrograde and you needn't either but you do want to prepare for its downside. Communication is the hardest part of this transit and even more so in the case of Pisces which tends to lubricate everything with a bit of mystery if not potential deceit and lack of clarity. Knowing that breakdowns of communication, cars, electronics, etc. are more likely at this time, we  have the choice to be proactive and tend to the business of fixing and improving those aspects of our lives that are in disrepair so as not to be blindsided by a broken washer or toilet [items that use water]. Whenever a personal planet goes retrograde that means among other things that the planetary energy is more internal, and slower. This is a good time to finish old projects, be more reflective [listen for messages] and prepare the things that you want to move ahead when the retro is over. This is a balanced way to view this cycle and ideally the way to have the least fall out. Big decisions and purchases should wait til you have all the information when Mercury goes direct again unless the opportunity needn't be permanent, then go for it if you like.

Oh yes, February 25 features a Full Moon in Virgo which opposes all the lovely Piscean planets. Given that, the Mars/ Mercury near conjunction is most likely to light up some kind of global conflagration due either to out and out misrepresentation or at best misunderstandings. We all know at this point that the level of truth that comes across the airwaves is minimal and the likelihood of closets flying open revealing pants down and inappropriate relationships galore is more the order of the day than Justice. February 25 will see Venus moving into its exalted sign of Pisces. I have always marveled at the description of that placement. Venus in Pisces is considered the highest aspect of love yet in its manifestation on the material plane, I see people with that placement having a very tough time. Venus in Pisces folk are capable of a higher kind of love which is far easier to receive than give. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing to behold and very rare. One thing, if you are the one with Venus in Pisces, you must first and always love yourself unconditionally too. Enjoy.

With the Sun in Pisces flanked on either side by Neptune and Chiron, water becomes the issue as well as pollutants. Chiron creates the situation that makes it necessary to heal the ills of the past of which there are multitudes including the BP and Corexit debacle which is still spewing toxic material. Perhaps the court case will end with more of the wronged people of the Gulf with money in their pocket. Sadly there is no amount of money that will replace communities, animals and economies that depended on that fragile Eco system. While we are talking about water and toxicity, let's add radioactivity and we have Fukishima. All the honest whistle blowers from the area tell us that we are being lied to and the danger and disaster is not  finished, soooooooo... With such a Stellium [many planets] in Pisces we will have ample opportunitiy to address this travesty.

On February 26, Mars will conjoin Mercury and could  bring a more combative energy to the fore. Typically both of these energies would prefer to Make Love not War especially in Pisces but if there is a powder keg globally or personally waiting to pop, this just might be the day - especially given murky Mercury in retro's penchant for Mis information.

February 28th, the last day of the month, features the mystical conjunction of the Sun and Neptune. This pairing does not bring out the greatest clarity but it sure can feel good. You may not get a lot done but your dream world should be offering up some delightful dreams and fantasies. Music will smooth out all the rough edges that you may have accumulated this month so allow its mystery to weave a lavender cloak around you and sleep with the Angels.

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