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“A farrago of all your hopes, dreams, doubts & fears in a mixed fodder of imagery … A tool for the journey”.

The Farrago Spiritum Tarot
 is the collaboration of Seattle based Artist Yvette Endrijautzki & Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Teacher Raven Zingaro. The electronic assemblage artwork of Yvette is based on the writings of Raven … The two have been close friends for nearly 10 years and together feel a strong connection to this special project & getting it out into the world.


The deck is in the early production stages at this point & will be released in 2017.

You can see more here:

The Venetian Carnival Tarot set includes a classical structure 78 cards deck (the cards of size 2.76 x 4.72 are printed on high quality 350 gsm stock), and a 120 pages companion book (in a sturdy box).



Designed and Illustrated by Roxana Paul

Publisher: The Rising Sun Publishing House

Book ISBN: 978-0-9946085-6-7

Retail price: Au $120 (including free worldwide delivery)

Released 2017 (May)


There are two ways to pre-order the set:

1. Via Facebook:

2. Via Kickstarter:

All pre-orders will receive a free gift from the publisher: the Maori Tattoo Tarot deck.

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