Craft Corner

How To” – Embellish our newly made one of a kind Tarot Cloth
By Cheryl Ann Gardiner

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to this month of March's Craft Corner!

As we refer back to the last issue, February 2017, we had an excellent article entitled  "How To Create and make your own Tarot Cloth". This month I would like to introduce and give you some beginning ideas on how to embellish those cloths with beading. Yes, Beads!

There is a magazine online that I am particular to called Threads. I first learned this technique to add beaded trim or picot trim from an older issue of Threads magazine and by using YouTube.

Beading is wonderful, in that, you can be creative as you like and you don’t have to be an expert.


Matching thread to your fabric

A needle thin enough to slide your 11mm or 6mm beads (that’s what I like to use) through

Lots of beads


I start my beaded fringe after I have my Tarot Cloth to how I would like it. Then I follow the steps below:

How To Bead A Tarot Cloth Picures

Now it's up to you to design your own creation. I usually will use the popped up bead to start stranding a design. Then I come back up through the desired amount of beads, depending on my latest design. Please note to look at the YouTube links suggested, which are a great help. Or try picking up a brochure of a book on beading at your local craft store or even thrift store!

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YouTube: (How To Make Beaded Fridges & Edges: Lattice Fringe Trim Finishing. (Beading Lesson 3 Bead Edge or Picot Edge (How To Make Beaded Fridges & Edges Picot Bead Trim

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