Frolicking Fae

May 2017
By Terri Clement

Using the Faerie Guidance Oracle by Paulina Cassidy

Forgetting that April is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, my month was a total blur. Now I find myself look at May and hoping that it goes much slower. Even though I spent a good portion of last month traveling, I did manage to get most of my seeds started in the greenhouse.

I asked for the Fae to bless the seeds and asked for quick germination and sprouts. I also asked for the blessing of a bountiful garden this year. Be sure that when you are asking for your blessings from the Wee Folk, that you leave an offering of some sort behind. I find that graham crackers or something shiny or sparkly work the best.

If you can't grow a garden maybe you can start a little pot with your favorite herbs and put it on your porch or maybe even do a tiny windowsill planting. If you can grow anything, no matter the size, try to leave a little "wild child" corner. This could be where you simply broadcast a mixed handful of seeds and let the Fae take over that section as their own. You might be surprised what happens!

Well now, let's see what our Faerie friends have to tell us about the month of May...


Looking at the cards, I see the Fae seem to be sending a similar message over the past few months... Focus on clarity, expressing oneself creatively and then take action and accomplishing whatever you set your mind to. Looks like we all need to be reminded of this one more time. Let's put our energy into this so we can get up and over this message and move on to something else! :D

The Faerie of Meditation comes to us at the beginning of the month reminding us to spend some quiet time going within ourselves in order to find inner peace. With so much hustle and bustle going on in the outside world it can be so comforting to retreat within for a few minutes each day. This might be something that you find you want to continue doing right on though the rest of the month. Meditation is an excellent way to create relaxation and release stress. Stress can unhappiness, frustration, and can lead to health problems. Meditation calms the mind and helps you focus on the here and now.

This, in particular, is a good time to ask for Faerie blessings for growth and abundance. Just remember to ask for your blessings to come in a "Good and Gentle Way."

The middle of them of the month brings in the Faerie of Expression. She is bright, colorful, and filled with creativity. Think about where you are leaving creativity out of your life. Is it music, painting, writing, or dancing? 

There may be something that you've cast behind that deserves a 2nd look. This is something that brings you joy, even if you are not polished in whatever this is. It's still worth your time to jump in and let that energy flow. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Do what makes YOU happy.

The last part of the month is where the payoff comes. You have spent some quality time focusing on inner peace and unleashing that creative energy. Now, you find yourself filled with energy and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Be sure to continue to practice with the Faerie of Meditation as you move forward so you can continue along with energy flow.

If during this time, you wake up and find you are having a low energy day, get up anyway and get yourself moving. Get that blood pumping! It will pull you out of that funk.

Turn off the tv, shut the computer down. Get up, go for a walk, skip rope, or even throw the ball for the dog.

All and all it looks like a good month, even though it's a little more of the same thing we have been getting over the past couple of months. Remember focus within for clarity, express yourself creatively and then take action. Move that body!


A good stone to wear or carry this month is the Blue Lace Agate.

This is a very cooling and calming crystal. This is a nice stone to work with the throat chakra and can help you express thoughts and feelings.

The Blue Lace Agate can help soothe red, sore, tired eyes and can help with skin problems dealing with redness and itching.

*Healing properties are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor.

As always, I hope you find this message from the Fae helps guide you through the ups and downs this month. Remember to say a special little thank you to our Fae Friends for the guidance, insight, and entertainment!

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