May 2017
By Lalia Wilson

May is the middle month of spring, and astrologically Taurus is the middle of the Spring signs (in the Northern Hemisphere). May 1st, known as May Day or Beltane is celebrated around the Northern Hemisphere. Beltane, the Pagan holiday, is particularly associated with fertility rituals. And we have Mothers’ Day, a celebration of mothering and its importance in society. This year Mother’s Day will be a bit different, as only once in every 12 years or so is the Moon, symbolizing Mom, transiting Capricorn—a very unmotherly sign. I’ll give suggestions for Mother’s Day presents determined by your sign, not Mom’s. Use these themes to buy presents for Mom, and any other friends or relatives who are mothers or expectant mothers. 

What does May have in store for you?

I used a different deck of cards for each of the four suits/elements. All cards were randomized. There were two repeated cards: Justice and The Tower. Justice suggests obeying the Law of Karma, you get what you deserve, so be on your best behavior, and The Tower can mean big involuntary changes. Together, and generalizing, these suggest that we always treat others well, even if they may seem "beneath" us because things always change. Additionally, some of us may find ourselves having to repair our homes, cars, and so forth after a loss—tornado, anyone?

This month’s numerology of the cards indicates that all numbers have turned up. We have what statisticians call a "flat" distribution, as every number appears once, twice, or three times. The most frequent are The High Priestess and Justice, both representing 2. As major arcana cards, though, they are much more subtle: both call us to remember the inner realm and the inner reasons for the law. The other number that appears three times is 5: The Hierophant and the Fives of Pentacles and Swords. In numerology five is the number of change. The Hierophant is pressing us to change our behavior to conform to social norms, especially regarding religion, and the Fives of Pentacles and Swords ask us to change our approach to the material world and the mental world so as to avoid big problems down the road. 

Cards used for these readings were as follows. Fire signs: The Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen, and published by Lewellyn.  Air signs: The Science Tarot by Logan Austeja, Daniel Martin Azevedo, and Raven Hanna, with various artists, published by the Science Tarot. Earth signs: The Everyday Witch Tarot, by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba and published by Lewellyn. Water signs: The Cook’s Tarot by Judith Mackay Stirt and published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 



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The High Priestess and the King of Swords:

Dear Aries, your career instincts are on the mark. This indicates success if you are a woman, or following the guidance of a woman. Your money looks good, too, expecially if a mature man, the King of Swords, is your money manager. Your partner’s advice is spot on regarding love, people, and money. Watch out for speeding-who, you, Aries? - and possible traffic accidents. You may find yourself becoming sour on an old friendship, or old group or club. What’s the perfect gift for Mom? Business apparel: a black or dark suit, a leather briefcase, or a sober scarf.

Image is from
The Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen, published by Llewellyn.



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Temperance and the King of Pentacles:

This month is your birthday-it’s your month to shine! There has been a passing of the mantle, and you are now in charge or you have a lot more responsibility. You can feel fully empowered and fully yourself, there is no better time for you to take up more responsibility. You’re the most practical person in the zodiac for getting the material world organized. Your vitality is high. Mom wants a vacation, something traditional. A trip to Jolly Old England? The Kentucky Derby? She wants to do something “everyone does” and not something off the beaten track. Even a virtual trip through a screening of Pride and Prejudice would be on target.

Image is from The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba, published by Llewellyn.



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Justice and the Five of Pentacles:

Dear Gemini, you are full of energy this month. You tend to scatter your energy when you get this hyper or enthused. Avoid transgressing legal boundaries. Also, this month may find you having harsh words with that special someone—you want to seize an opportunity and the other person wants to wait. Everything involving children and creative endeavors is golden this month. It’s the time of the year that children get awards and give performances, and any children you have will walk away with acclaim. That said, the area of your life that has to do with shared resources and inheritances is problematic this month. Someone is not doing you any favors. Mom wants something black; alternatively, perhaps she would like to have her DNA tested at Ancestry or 23 and Me? 

Image is from The Science Tarot by Logan Austeja, Daniel Martin Azevedo, and Raven Hanna, with various artists, published by the Science Tarot.



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The Hanged Man and the Queen of Cups:

It’s a good month for you to vacation, dear Cancer. Also, weddings are in the air. Could you be part of a big celebration with all the bells and whistles? The whole month looks blissed out and meditative, or perhaps under the influence of various substances. Whatever, you will be doing more work on yourself and your relationships than practical work in the everyday world. Cancer, you really like your Mom. She wants to know that she's number one in your life—an unrealistic expectation if you are an independent adult, IMO. Find a way to acknowledge her pivotal role in your life, while not signing away your spouse or first-born-child. How about a studio portrait of you together?

Image is from Bonefire Tarot by ______________ published by Schiffer Publications, Ltd.



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The World and the Ace of Swords:

It looks like a good month. You will be surprised by your child or children taking on more responsibility, being more serious and grown up. Does your child receive a special honor? Any creative projects you have been working on are now self-generating. This can be good, or maybe you have created a monster. You didn’t realize how successful this would be. Your ideas are amazing this month—take care to capture them in notes, sketches, or by other means. Your spouse may be grumpy. I see young male athletes around you, Little League? A baseball or softball team? Something fun, anyway. Mom wants something practical and health-related, a nice cane or walking stick? New scales? Nice walking shoes or hiking boots? 

Image is from The Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen, published by Llewellyn.



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Justice and the Ten of Swords:

Virgo, you have a rep as a straight-shooter, someone who always is a saint. This is the month to live up to that reputation, as any misdeeds will be punished. Settle any legal actions and don’t press the point, as both cards suggest legal matters may not be in your favor. Money looks good for you. That old job is not a factor, whatever you were holding out for, let go of. It’s time to get the word out about your career, promote yourself and your products—as long as you stay within the lines of law and social expectations. Mom wants a silver-framed picture of you doing something for which you are famous, or perhaps one of you and her.

Image is from The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba, published by Llewellyn.



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The Fool and the Ace of Wands:

Well, Libra is the sign of partnership and your partner is “on fire.” Who is this dynamo? An older sibling is a cause for concern, or perhaps it is the most serious of your siblings. Do you need to lend a hand? Friends will offer some light moments; enjoy the relief. Your life partner is strongly influencing you to start something new. Do you feel like you’re being rushed? Mom wants some black leather furniture, perhaps a recliner.

Image is from The Science Tarot by Logan Austeja, Daniel Martin Azevedo, and Raven Hanna, with various artists, published by the Science Tarot.



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The Tower and the Page of Cups:

This month looks intense with a young man in your life. He could be seriously ill or addicted. Is this a child? Any young men you care about and all your children are under some threat of illness of body or mind at this time. Not everyone has your strength of character… in fact, no one but another Scorpio does. It is time for you to reach out and listen to those needing your help. Remember that you will need to provide the discipline (which they may lack) to make it through the crisis. Mom wants a visit to a historical site that's not too far away—or a virtual visit, or a literary visit. Where's her favorite place? What historical era does she like?



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The Tower and the Five of Swords:

The tarot suggests big and perhaps involuntary changes. Let’s see if we can find some bright spots. There are problems on the primary relationship front. Your partner has a mind of his/her own and is reluctant to listen to you. In addition, something is causing problems with siblings or cousins. However, your friends are a good resource, full of encouragement and lots of social invitations. What does Mom want? A tangible and expensive and traditional sign of your love—blue sapphire and platinum or silver, as a necklace? Stock certificates? 

Image is from The Wizard’s Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen, published by Llewellyn.



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Strength and the Four of Wands: 

Someone else’s misfortune is bringing something good to you. It might be an inheritance, a job, but it's something good. Be gracious. It's time to celebrate that windfall as well. At home, meanwhile, you have renovated or replaced a lot, perhaps the whole house. That's something to celebrate, too. Stay on the right side of the law, as by December, you will need to pay the piper. This year, unusually, you and Mom are of similar minds. Whatever you want, she wants. A mother-daughter spa day?

Image is from The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba, published by Llewellyn.



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The Moon and the Ten of Pentacles:

It looks like a good month for home improvements, Aquarius. For years you have been blasé about money. This month you are paying more attention, but your life is not about money no matter how much others want you to be more financially successful. Balance all your accounts and pay your bills on time. Remember to collect the money others owe you. One area of money success might be drugs, only legal ones, please. For locations where it is legal, marijuana is becoming a very profitable business. Mom wants a retreat to an ashram, or a silent retreat, or something that completely takes her away from her busy everyday life. 

Image is from The Science Tarot by Logan Austeja, Daniel Martin Azevedo, and Raven Hanna, with various artists, published by the Science Tarot.



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Lovers and the Nine of Wands:

Pisces have a reputation for being easy going, lacking focus, and uncompetitive. This is the month to be assertive in love. Not an easy task for laid-back Pisces! You need to ask for what you want. The month is very active with money flow and possessions. This will particularly apply if you are involved in any retail business, but especially furniture and antiques. You may have a new boss. Keep up your good health habits; I know it is easy to “forget” to exercise or stay on your diet, but you are the one who benefits. Mom wants a party with her friends, perhaps a formal English Tea Party? She’d love it. Act now while her friends are still able-bodied.

You can use these Tarot Scopes to read your Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising Sign (also called your Ascendant). You can determine these by using free or low-cost apps, or internet sites, and inputting your time, date and place of birth. The Rising sign indicates your entire life; the Sun sign is about your ego and creative forces, and the Moon sign is about your emotions and flexibility.

The tarot cards used as illustrations for this column are ones that I or the editor, Terri Clement, admire and want to share with you. Note that decks have subtle differences of meaning as they are reinterpreted by a new creator/artist, and, of course, the tarot reader. Enjoy that flexibility of meaning and the artwork of these various decks. Reading articles with illustrations like these will help you determine the tarot decks that most fit you.

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