Spiritually Guided Tarot Spread

By Cheryl Ann Gardiner

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Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

When I first began reading and studying the Tarot in 2011-12, I used the recommended example spreadsheet that came with my first Tarot deck that was bought for me by my soul mate.  One afternoon, while my soul mate, our daughter and I were out at Barnes and Noble and I had just really started taking an interest in the Tarot. I wanted to give the Tarot a try, not really secure in thinking I’d be able to read but I couldn’t resist these miniature Tarot cards! They looked fun and they were small and cute! Not to mention my love for art!

It was called, “Tarot The Complete Kit” by Dennis Fairchild and the Illustrations were by Julie Paschkis. It came with a paper spread mat. It was a four card spread. A.) (1st Card on Top) – What’s at Hand, B.) (2nd Card all the way to the left) – Past Influences, C.) (3rd Card to the Center) – Ponder This and D.) (4th and Last Card to the Right) – What To Do. 

This worked for a while, even as I started to obtain other decks.  But I felt a Celtic Cross Spread, as popular as it is and along with other spreads that also felt too cut and dry for me or I should say the overall question. The arrangement of the cards and questions to go with the arrangements just didn’t seem to work for me. I even did a 5 Card Spread “Getting To Know Your Deck”, with an Albano Waite Original 1968 Tarot Deck (78 Card Original Deck).  I knew as soon as I drew those cards and took a look, the cards and the story had nothing to do with a new deck interview.  The Tarot was telling me answers to question[s] I hadn’t even asked. 

After watching numerous YouTube Tarot Spreads and reading several books I had been practicing my own spread that just kinda came to be!  It was a spread that I felt more comfortable with and seemed to tell me more details and story within my reading. I was also reluctant to tell others in fear that they would disagree with my way of reading or dislike it.

I found I enjoyed doing a three card spread, clarifiers, and using the bottom “Shadow/Base Card”.

I have, to be honest, this spread can get lengthy and take a lot of concertation and become a long reading.  But I truly love it!

“How the Spiritually Guided Tarot Spread is done?”

I let my Higher Power and the Universe guide me when doing this spread.

1st – After preparing for a reading, I shuffle the cards. Cut them in half with my left hand wherever they split. Then I place the cards I split, lift what's in my hand all the way to the left side.  I then place them down.  The pile of cards sitting closest to me is where I begin to draw. Of course, I do this after asking my question. 

2nd – Still using my left hand, I turn over the first card and place it all the way to the left. I draw the second card and place in the middle.  Then draw the third card and place to the right. 

3rd – Now, I look at the first card to the left, if I drew a Court Card, Major Card or Ace, I draw (continuing with my left hand) and place a card under one of those cards. Again, if one of those cards are a Court Card, Major Card, or Ace again, I continue to draw another card and place it under the previous card till I reach a minor arcana card. 

4th – I go to the second and middle card and repeat step 3.  If it’s a minor card, I move on to the third card and repeat step 3 again.

5th – From the pile, I drew the cards from, I turn it over to see what is the bottom card, Shadow/Base Card. This card can tell me what the basis of the reading is.

From the cards pulled I usually read from the very left first card and the cards followed below if there are cards below the first card. If not, I read the adjacent card in the middle which is next to the first card and how it relates to the first card or cards. If there are several cards under the 1st card to the left I read downwards. This gives me information on the cards below and upwards as well as the cards next to each other.  

I usually read the Base/Shadow card last. 

Oh, and let’s not forget those flyers!  I usually put those to the right of my spread and look at them during the reading. 


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