June 2010 Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

This month's TarotScopes feature six different decks.  Each deck is used twice.  See the individual scopes for identification and publisher. - Ed.


Sun (Queen of Cups)  

“Once upon a time…” is a great line to start each day with. There is something quite magical about this month, but only those with open eyes and active imaginations will experience it. You’re coming out of a hectic period and could use some rejuvenating. Find ways to surround yourself with joy and inspiration — adopt the wonder of a child and spend time doing fulfilling activities. You’ll notice that people unlike you are magnetically attracted to your charisma. The beginning of the month is full of opportunities for romance, so go ahead – strut  your stuff!

Images used are from the Tarot of Dreams Standard Edition by Ciro Marchetti.


Temperance (King of Pentacles)  

This month is a highly productive period for art, industry or home economics. You are full of energy and motivation and can make things happen. Whether it’s related to work or personal interests, as you put the pieces together, you’ll be amazed to see what happens. Solutions to problems seem to appear out of thin air. This is also a promising time financially. Use your unique talent for creatively combining resources, especially around the 8th. Be cautious though, your golden touch can be a lot of responsibility - focus on one project at a time.

Images used are from The Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place.


World (10 of Pentacles)  

There’s a tangible reward coming your way; it may take till the end of the month, but the prize is yours for taking. Be sure to add final touches to unfinished projects at the beginning of the month or get started on what you’ve been procrastinating. Family matters will also be significant. Spend time with distant or aging relatives who need your support. There may be a large purchase or investment in the near future, so it would be wise to evaluate your current debt load. Romantic or professional relationships will likely advance to a greater level.

Images used are from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, published by Llewellyn Worldwide.


Chariot (Knight of Swords)  

Get ready for a turbulent ride this month as challenges seem to lie around every corner. No matter what happens, you are ultimately responsible for your actions. Do not be driven into further trouble by reacting impulsively. A whirlwind around the 13th blows many of your current plans into disarray. Don’t give up, simply take a breath and find an alternate path; you’ll discover options that actually benefit you. Be mindful of your of words, especially when provoked, or you’re likely to destroy a dear relationship. And, lastly, use extra caution while driving.

Images used are from the Tarot of the Old Path by Sylvia Gainsford and Howard Rodway published by AGM Agmueller.


High Priestess (7 of Swords)  

Mysteries are the adventures of our lives and you, this month, are the detective searching for clues. A current situation that’s vague and uncomfortable will begin to reveal signs pointing in a definitive direction. In terms of a business pursuit, wait until you feel it’s the right time before executing your next step. Be conservative with finances too, because all is not as it appears. The 16th will likely reveal something that has been in the background for some time. Keep from jumping to conclusions until you’re certain what it means.

Images used are from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Judgment (7 of Pentacles)  

Oh prudent one, your ever-so-cautious ways may be causing you feelings of languish. [Change the word “languish” to something else.] A visit from the ghost of the past haunts you with unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. Take a good look at what you’ve achieved and ask yourself whether it was worth your time, energy and life purpose. This is a critical time for self-analysis — not to point out flaws, but to find ways in which you can express more of yourself in the world. A reality check around the 18th reminds you what’s missing.

Images used are from The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot by The Church of Light, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Hermit (Page of Swords)  

Self-reflection is one of the most valuable tools for carving away at one’s façade. When you feel tired of constantly working to please others or trying to fit into something too rigid, take a moment to reflect. This month offers you time to reconnect with who you are, beyond definitions and titles. Loneliness and fatigue are signs that your soul is yearning for more; listen to your inner voice for advice. A close friend or colleague may suddenly withdrawal around the 20th. Be sure to follow-up with them, or a small misunderstanding could easily escalate.

Images used are from the Tarot of Dreams Standard Edition by Ciro Marchetti.


Lovers (10 of Cups)  

Relationships weigh heavily on your heart and mind: how to get out of one, and/or get in another; how to salvage difficult ones and honor important ones. If you consider that all relationships are reflections of you and your hidden aspects, you may want to look at how each person affects you. Ask yourself what their energy adds to your life — or what it deprives you of. It’s also important to respect your own boundaries and not lose yourself trying to please someone else. Look for a confession around the 22nd.

Images used are from The Vampire Tarot by Robert M. Place.


Magician (Queen of Swords)  

It may not always be about you — though it could be. Are you willing to accept the responsibility that comes with that fact? There’s no room for complaining when you take charge of your life! You must be ready to turn problems into opportunities. Instead of dwelling on grievances, use your critical thinking to solve problems and take action. If you continue talking in circles about what’s bothering you, an altercation at the end of the month may knock you off your soapbox. Take responsibility for your own short comings before pointing the finger at someone else.

Images used are from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, published by Llewellyn Worldwide.


Fool (4 of Pentacles)  

Caught between a rock and hard place this month, you’ll have a tough time deciding on whether to go for it or stay planted. What’s even more confusing is that what you’ve worked hard to get, is now causing feelings of repression. Keep in mind that security can’t be measured by material possessions. It could be worthwhile to risk a little, add some excitement to your routine and do something for the sake of adventure. The conservative side of you might cringe next month, but, hey, live in the moment. The Full Moon on the 26th is a great time to indulge — you deserve it!

Images used are from the Tarot of the Old Path by Sylvia Gainsford and Howard Rodway published by AGM Agmueller.


Justice (4 of Swords)  

A balanced mind is needed to make big decisions this month. It’s important to separate facts from feelings in order to see things clearly, and if you’re swayed too much in either direction, you’ll prolong this impasse. A problematic situation which arises at the beginning of the month will be resolved around the 28th, but until then, reserve your judgment. In business matters, issues of fairness will creep into the conversation. You may be admonished for incomplete projects. Be honest about what you can and cannot do. Trying to prove yourself only causes you more stress.

Images used are from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Moon (Knight of Pentacles)  

This is an important time to slow down and rest, both physically and emotionally, or risk becoming overwhelmed. Weed out any unnecessary work from your routine and avoid taking on extra tasks or new projects. Simply stick to what you’re already doing. Don’t panic when money issues cause more anxiety than usual as fear only muddles your mind and prevents you from finding solutions. Around the weekend of the 4th, an unexpected and costly annoyance will arise. Although it’s not your problem, you’ll be responsible for making amends. Be cautious about putting too much on the back burner.

Images used are from The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot by The Church of Light, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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