June Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

All I can say is, if you think May was wild and unpredictable, wait til you see the June fireworks! I know,  that's supposed to happen on the 4th of July, but  we are definitely on the fast track to extreme changes. These will not be clearly visible  for the first few days  because Mars and Neptune's opposition will place a layer of fog over everything allowing for a kind of stealth shift and change that creeps up behind the scenes. Could even be some kind of botched attack again.

Big deal was when Uranus entered Aries on May 27. Any time one of the outer planets changes sign, major shifts are afoot. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, genius, freedom, independence, separation, electricity, and unconventional behavior. Put that in the fiery sign Aries which tends to leap and then look, one can only imagine the kind of energies we will experience.

On top of that, expansive Jupiter will join Uranus in Aries at midnight June 6 EST. The reason I give the time is because I have known Uranian transits to be very exact in their manifestation, kind of like lightning. Whatever Uranus is up to, Jupiter will make it larger. I am wondering if something explosive might happen and it could also be something very positive in terms of some global humanitarian effort.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and is the signature of the warrior. It would not be unlikely for wars to break out, treaties could be violated, corporations could crumble or totally change style and directions.Radicals of every stripe from the left and the right will likely be in the streets for one thing or another. This is the beginning of some level of revolt against the status quo. I don't mean just the Teabaggers in the streets and anti Obama rhetoric, but a real challenging of the system itself on many levels.

This is no time for fear and it is important not to absorb any media paranoia or attempt to continue the fear mongering which only pushes us all further into a hard place where we can get frozen in regressive behaviors.Truly this can be a time of total inspiration, creativity and discovery that opens us to living the conscious,congruent lives that we dream about. The drive for freedom and independence cold feel very extreme depending on your  particular astrological charts. 

In relationships of every kind, you may want to listen to the lyrics of the rock tune on my 2nd CD,"If Your Heart Ain't In It Get Your Ass Out!" Hear or download from my music page on my website www.Flashsilvermoon.com The title does tell the story.

The more confining and inauthentic your life feels, the more likely you will be fleeing to find the nearest exit. If you are feeling restless and have an inner knowing that you need to make some big personal changes, do it now before you feel compelled and less likely to make a good decision. The rumbling will only get louder so get your ducks in a row.

This could  be that LEAP OF FAITH time for many and I can see where all the intuitive channels may be blown open. If opening your Third Eye has been part of your journey, expect potent quantum leaping on many levels. If you have a desire for this wisdom, a dream of a freer life, ideas about being your own boss, this is the time to self actualize and go for it. At the same time, one will need to pace oneself and guard against  recklessness.

The last time Uranus was in Aries, Gandhi's civil disobedience movement was awakening , Hitler began his rise, and the New Deal was an offering to heal the Great Depression. We could also see a return to great accomplishments in outer space as well as miraculous  discoveries for healing.

The Summer Solstice on June 22 should be quite amazing with a Grand Trine in Water signs tempering all the Uranian fireworks. Good time for making MAGIC! There will be a women's circle at Moonhaven for sure.

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