Tarot Poetry

By Margaret Clayton

Hi Everyone,

My name is Margaret.  I emigrated from England many years ago to Sydney, Australia where I still live.

I have always been interested in the Tarot but one day about 15 years ago when I saw a program about it on TV, I HAD to go out and buy a Tarot Deck.  It was the strangest feeling – I JUST HAD TO DO THIS.  

I remember looking at the lady’s name tag in the store where I was to buy the Rider Waite deck, and would you believe her name was Margaret Martin the same name as mine.  (I then divorced and went back to my maiden name).  She was also left handed and so am I!

Since then I have experienced many “odd” occurrences to say the least, and I have believed for a long time that there is no such thing as coincidence.  

As my intuition developed, so too did my interest in many other things such as Wicca, Numerology and Palmistry (which I am still learning!).  I’ve found that the more I learn, the more I realised how little I know.  

My love of the Tarot has never waned – in fact it gets more intriguing and enjoyable the more I delve into it.  There is always something new to discover.

As far as I remember, I wrote this poem very quickly – it just seemed to flow and before I knew it, it was finished.  I imagined each Major card in vivid colour and tried to put myself in the place of The Fool – here is the result.

By the way, the first card I ever drew from my new deck was The Page of Wands.  How fortuitous!

Was it a Dream?


I once had a dream that I met The Fool in a land beyond the sun

Who taught me joy and innocence, and of life that’s just begun

And all the things I thought I’d lost, he found again for me

And placed them in my sorrowing heart for all eternity.


He showed me The Magician who gives us power divine

With, cup, wand, sword and pentacle, and magic skills so fine

He drives us into action making miracles come true

And shows us that with spirit there is nothing we can’t do.


The great High Priestess then appeared, who bid me to be still

And listen very carefully to my own inner will

She was dressed in regal splendour, her robes serenely blue

“Trust your intuition” she said, “for it will not fail you!”


The Empress then strolled up to me and took me by the hand

She led me to a paradise, a green and fruitful land

A crystal stream did flow nearby, the sky was blue above

I felt her gentle nurturing as her eyes shone bright with love.


I could have stayed forever, but it was time to leave

For now The Emperor called to me and urged me to believe

That order here was needed, his guiding hand he’d give

To lead me through the chaos of this world in which we live.


“An education you must have,” the Emperor said to me

You need someone to give you faith, and some conformity

Cross of gold and mitre tall were now before my sight

The Hierophant had come to me in pure and spiritual light.


A choice was laid before me and I knew not where to turn

What are these things “relationships” that are so hard to learn?

Temptation lies at every door, which is the road to choose?

“Just come with us” The Lovers sang, “with us you cannot lose!”


And now two sphinxes black and white, sat nobly by my side

As The Chariot stood before me, so strong and full of pride!

He spoke of bold assertiveness, of hard control and force

Of great success and victory, that keeps us right on course.


I heard a gentle whisper, and the tiny hand of Strength 

Was laid upon my shoulder, like a feathery, fairy dance 

With flowing robes and flowers bright, she softly called my name

And led me to her gentle Lion, whose wildness she did tame.


A weariness came upon me, and I turned the world away

To go and search for answers, as the darkness seeks out day

A mountain top I stood on, feeling lost and all alone

But wait - there was The Hermit, with his lamp to guide me home.


There was a sudden movement and looking to the sky

I saw the clouds of destiny - the Fates were spinning high

The Wheel of Fortune had arrived, and changes she did bring

And showed me that my life was linked to every living thing.


Two pillars loomed before me, and I saw the stately gown

Of a woman with some balanced scales, a sword and golden crown

She was the lady Justice, and her presence filled the air

As she solemnly reminded me that life is just and fair.


I then beheld a mystic figure, suspended from a tree

Who said “I am The Hanged Man and I will set you free

A sacrifice you now must make, ‘tis difficult to do  - 

But surrender your desires and the world will come to you”.


I closed my eyes in horror, letting out a scream

As a phantom on a snow white horse rose up out of my dream

But then a child did run to me, holding flowers full of dew

“Offer one to Death she called, and life will start anew.


A sudden brush of soft white wings and there before my eyes

Standing by a pool of blue was my next surreal surprise

It was the Angel Temperance, bringing harmony and calm

Which I wrapped so tightly round me, for I felt a sudden alarm.


“You are full of shame and guilt, your shallow life on sand is built”

This awful voice I knew to be The Devil who now glared at me

His huge batwings towered over him, his torch of evil shone

I felt his chains of bondage grow and wished him to be gone!!


A sudden clap of thunder and shards of lightening flashed

Forcing me to accept all change I’d resisted in the past

I was falling from The Tower, there was an awful crack

It seemed the earth had opened up -  then everything went black.


“Can you see me in the dark?  Try to find that little spark

Shining down with faith and hope - now’s the time when you must cope”.

It was The Star who knelt by me, with peace and sweet serenity

And as I wept with sheer relief, she dried my tears of woe for me.


I then found myself in an eerie place of mystery and illusion

As dog and wolf sang to The Moon and all was mad confusion

A crayfish walked the moonlit waste, as I wandered aimlessly on

Jumping at shadows before me, where had my courage gone?


But then The Sun shone forth again and my world was bathed in light

As a child burst from a garden on a horse, with wild delight

Sunflowers shimmered in splendour,  I felt happy, strong and free

And enthusiasm welled within, as my courage returned to me. 


I heard the blare of trumpets and saw people rise to a call

As the Angel of Judgement  spoke of rebirth and renewal for all

“I forgave myself and others and freedom was suddenly mine

As I felt the Fool’s pure innocence and the Magician’s power divine.


I was back at the very beginning, the circle now complete

As I danced with a beautiful woman with all The World at my feet 

I woke with a start, the dream it had gone. Was this my reality?

But as I stared in the mirror beside me, The Fool’s eyes smiled back at me.

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