Craft Corner

How to Make Your Own Spread Cards
By Tabitha Chamberlain & Terri Clement

Terri and I were brainstorming about what we would like to see added to Tarot Reflections when we took over. We both agreed that a crafty section would be awesome. We're looking for everything across the board from the very basic to the advance craft projects. While some of us may not be able to actually do some of the more advance projects, they are still freaking awesome to see! 

For this month's Craft Corner we decided to start with the most basic idea that will only take a small amount of time to do. Older kids could help with this as well. Our craft this month is “How to make your own Spread Cards.” There are two or three sets available on the market, but this one will be super cheap and focuses on how you choose to read. Why would you need a "Card of the Day" card if you don't read one? Or why have three cards that are basically the same theme just worded differently? 


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-Markers or Ink Pens (or you can use your printer)

-Index Cards or Craft paper (believe it or not the scrapbooking paper would work well, too)

-List of Tarot/Oracle Positions

-Stickers (optional)

-Glue stick


First things first, this will be the hardest part of this project; make a list of the positions that you use the most. You may want to make a few card positions that will work well with oracles. Don't care what they say not every tarot spread works for every oracle deck. 

Here are some suggestions to get you started, please feel free to add or delete what resonates the most with you.


This table will get you get started on creating your own spread cards. It will also help you build your own spreads and to enjoy creating spreads. 

Once you have the list of what positions you want, it's time to decide if you want to color code your cards and how you want to do so? Do you want to use colored index cards? For example you could make the Character/People cards on blue index card and the Outcome cards on green index cards, or vice versa. Or are you going to use basic white index cards and use colored markers/pens to color code them? Or do you want to use white index cards with simple black marker?  

If you want to use your printer, you can find images on google and copy them over into a document and add your text. Print the document, cut out your titles and images then use a glue stick to attach the strips to your index cards. The font used in the above
Home/Work image is Rockwell Extra Bold.

The choices are yours, this project is for you, so create it for
you (This could make a cheap and easy gift idea for your fellow reader when you're low on funds).

Have fun and be creative!

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