June Journal


By Tabitha Chamberlain

I have been working with Mary Greer's 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card. I experienced something interesting in doing one particular exercise that I thought would make an awesome journal exercise.

I suggest not asking a question, instead let the card take you where you need to go.

Use any scenic deck. If you're choosing an oracle please pick one that has more complex images to give you more to work with.

Shuffle your deck, draw out three cards. Laying them face up as you go. Notice your reaction to each card as you see it. The one you have the strongest aversion to I want you to use for this Journal.

Once you have settled on your card, write a short story about that card. Be as creative and off the wall as you want or need to be.

Next, write the story as if you're the central person/image in the story that you just wrote. Keep it in first person, you just need to keep the barest outline of your original story.

Finally, read these two stories to see how they differ. Is there something that you learned about yourself that you didn't realize?

You can do this throughout the month, but I think once a week or every few days will give you a lot to work with. Give yourself time to digest all the information you're taking in from this Journal.

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