Mystical Wisdom 

Mystical Wisdom Card Deck
Review by Terri Clement

MW46 box

Written by Gaye Guthrie

Art by Josephine Wall

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1-57281-832-3
ISBN-10: 1-57281-832-8

Retail U.S. $22.95
Released 2016

46 cards and companion booklet

Mystical Wisdom
is a “feel good” card deck filled with hope and inspiration from Archangels, goddesses, faeries, spirit animals, and other mystical beings.

The deck is housed in a brightly illustrated, heavy-duty cardboard box with a lift off top, snugly fitting the deck. Both the box and the deck arrive shrink wrapped. The 64 page illustrated soft-cover companion booklet fits perfectly on top of or below the deck. There was a slight inky smell when I opened everything up, but that should eventually go away. 

The cards are a little on the larger side measuring in at 3 3/4” wide x 5 1/2” tall. They are printed on a flexible card stock with an ever so slight sheen. The cards have rounded corners and the edges are smooth.

The card backs start with a yellow and white center with an intricate mandala. The yellow fades out to a soft pink that fades to light purple. The backs are reversible friendly.

Scan 8

The artwork is colorful and enchanting. The images are borderless with a banner across the bottom that measures 3/4”. The card name is printed in the banner along with a key phrase.

Scan 9

Celebration is a very whimsical image done is beautiful pinks, blues and yellows. Shows a woman dancing through a field of flowers with many woodland creatures following behind.

This card reminds us to let go of self doubt and to focus on all of the good that is coming our way. This is a time of joy. Eat, drink, and be merry.

The mantra for Celebration is:  I enjoy special moments with my loved ones and friends.

Scan 10

Creative Wonderment shows us a woman in a dress that has a train of peonies. She is making her way up a majestic staircase. there is a grand piano sitting in a field of flowers, the stairs appear to rise up out of the piano itself.

This cards tells us to follow our passion. It tells us to do those things that use our imagination and get our creative juices flowing.

The mantra for Creative Wonderment is:  I am inspired to be creative.

Scan 11

Peacock shows us the head and neck of a woman with hisbiscus flowers tucked into her hair. There are two peacocks that frame the her head while the tail of one of the peacocks wraps around her like an embrace.

When you draw this card for the day it speaks of loyalty and family unity. It also reminds us to be more like the Peacock and raise the bar of expectation and to better oneself.

The mantra for the Peacock is:  I love and care for everyone I know.

The companion booklet contains a small section about how to use the cards then jumps right into the cards and their meanings. The image is a snippet of different parts of each card in black and white. There a small divinatory meaning, along with a mantra for each of the 46 cards. There are no reverse meanings in the booklet. The booklet then moves into four traditional spreads including a one card, three card, four card, and the Celtic Cross and a couple of pages of notes. The last pages give us a look at the writer and artist, with a picture of each and a short bio.

The Mystical Wisdom deck reminds me of a couple of decks published by Hay House.

This would make a great deck for a beginner. It could also work well for a professional that wants to leave a client with a mantra to go along with their reading.

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